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Chen's Taiji New Frame One and Two Book by Chen Zhenglei


This paperback book covers:
Chapter 1 Xinjia Yi Lu (New Frame first routine)

Chapter 2 Xinjia Er Lu (New Frame second routine)

Detailed descriptions of movements, breathing and internal energy with illustrations throughout.

Chapter 3 The Doctrine of Meridians -covers the Theory of Yin Yang, Two polarities, Four Symbols, Eight Directions and how these relate to Meridian Theory. This chapter also offers an overview of the  internal energy of Taijiquan and the methods of nurturing internal energy /  phases of training. The chapter concludes with diagrams of the 12 'regular' channels (Jing Luo)and a summary / description of their main Points.

This book is Volume 3 of a 5 book set of Chen's Tai Chi.

Paperback 311 pages. Brand New & Unused

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