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Chen's Tai Chi Spear Halberd Long Pole & Push Hands book by Chen Zhenglei


This is volume 5 of a 5 volume set covering Chen Tai Chi.

Volume 5 covers:

1, Spear - 97 pages 

2, Halberd (Guandao) 79 pages

3. 13 forms long pole 25 pages

4. interactive (2 person) pole training (3 forms and 8 forms)

5, Pole and 2-section Pole interactive (2 person) training

6,Push Hands, covering the 5 main types: Single hand rotation patterns, Double hand fixed step (Ding Bu), Double Hand moving step (one step forwards and backwards - Shun Bu), Low /large Posture (Da Lu), Moving Step (freestyle) 

Chapter 7 is an Introduction to Chen Taiji Masters - One of my personal favourite chapters in the 5 book series. It gives us an introduction to the notable Chen masters from first generation up to 10th Generation (1970s). The highlight of this chapter / book / series is a very emotional 14 page account and tribute to Grandmaster Chen Zhaopei's life by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei. Following this is an 8 page article in memory of Grandmaster Chen Zhaokui  This chapter is both harrowing and inspiring. Read it again and again to understand the value of the Art which is now passing to our generation and then go practice with all your heart! Absolute MUST READ for anyone who is passionate about studying Chen Tai Chi, this chapter alone is worth the cover price of £25 :)

Paperback, band new &  unused. Jack Yan translation. 302 pages

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