Surrey and Hants Tai Chi and Qigong

Surrey and Hampshire's authentic Tai Chi and Health Qigong school. Classes for beginners and above near Aldershot Farnham Farnborough Camberley. Our teachers are students of Master Wang Haijun. You'll love what we do!

Local Beginners Tai Chi and Qigong classes for new learners 

2017  January New Year New Beginners Tai Chi Lessons & Qigong classes near Aldershot Farnborough Camberley Fleet Yateley Blackwater Mytchett  Sandhurst Bracknell and Woking

 Welcome to Surrey and Hants Tai Chi

Our classes are friendly, affordable and authentic 

Although the new term has started new joiners are still welcome at some classses

This page shows classes that are suitable for New Beginners.

If you have previous experience or are an existing / returning member, please see our full list of classes page

  All of our public classes are pay on the day, £6 daytime, £7 evening

Check our latest news page for occasional holidays and closures before coming along for the first time


Monday Lunchtimes/Afternoons 

Blackwater & Hawley Memorial Hall, GU17 9BW

12-1pm:  Beginners Tai Chi Qigong 


 Monday Evenings 

Canal Visitors Centre Mytchett

GU16 6DD 

6.30-7.30pm Beginners Tai-Chi Qigong Sanctuary

CONTACT US for a car park barrier code 


 Tuesday Evenings 

Canal Visitors Centre Mytchett

GU16 6DD 

6.30-7.30pm Beginners Tai-Chi Qigong Sanctuary

Contact  us for a car park barrier code 


Wednesday Mornings 

The Mytchett Community Centre GU16 6AA

10.30-11.30am Beginners Tai Chi -Qigong 


 Thursday Evenings

Alderwood Senior School Aldershot GU12 4AS

in the Dining Hall

(Turn right once inside the school gates) 

7.45-8.45pm  Beginners Tai-Chi Qigong Sanctuary




More Info about our different classes 


Tai Chi-Qigong

 Tai Chi Energy Exercises 

Tai Chi based exercise and wellbeing class without any martial arts content. Suitable for people who may not be able to attend every week, or for those looking for a class where the emphasis is on enjoyable,  moderate movement to improve health, without the necessity to challenge body or mind too much.  Overall much easier to learn than the Tai Chi Chuan option below whilst still retaining some of the more 'iconic' tai chi movements. We focus on using the body in a relaxed way,  correcting postural habits and developing mindfulness of our actions, a useful skill ineveryday life :) Some movements involve visualisation techniques - soaring above life's stresses like an eagle, or sweeping away the pressures of the day like water washing away footprints on a beach. Pay only when you come 

 Tai Chi-Qigong Sanctuary

Similar in content to the daytime Tai Chi Qigong classes above, these evening classes go at a slower pace, with emphasis on feeling the movements. We turn off the miain lights & replace them with soft coloured uplights & candles. We use aromatherapy to soothe the CNS and Isochronic tones- music with a frequency that slows the brain wave pattern down to relieve stress. Finishing touches are ethnic wallhangings to transport the mind to a Himalayan mountain top ;-P 

No wonder these classes areour most popuar - and often fully subscribed - so check with us before attending to see if there's a space for you


 Tai Chi Chuan  

 Tai Chi Martial Arts

We teach authentic Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, martial arts based training (chuan means 'fist) delivered in the same way that our instructor is taught by her teacher, three times China national champion, Master Wang Haijun. Weekly attendance in class and regular practice at home is required. We recommend that you buy Master Wangs DVD (£18) and /or book £10, to help you practice at home. No other equipment / uniform required

 Choose Tai Chi Chuan if you are relatively fit and well and are looking to devote time and physical / mental effort to learn an art for a lifetime that will develop body, mind and spirit.   Tai Chi Chuan is taught as a progressive class and can normally only be started at / near the beginning of a term, unless you have previous experience. Not suitable for people with painful joint issues.  Come with a mindset to work hard - Pay weekly

If there aren't any suitable new beginners Tai Chi Chuan (Martial Arts) class advertised at the present time, please join any Tai Chi Qigong class (The same foundation principles are covered) and this will boost your learning  and prepare your mind and body for when you switch to a Tai Chi Chuan class later on in the year.  


Come and discover the Ancient Eastern way to health and happiness


 Pic above - an existing Improvers' class at Hawley. Some of these students have been with me since I first started the Hawley classes a couple of years ago and a have reached a good standard in their practice. BTW, you don't need to purchase a T-Shirt