Surrey and Hants Tai Chi and Qigong

Surrey and Hampshire's authentic Tai Chi and Health Qigong school. Classes for beginners and above near Aldershot Farnham Farnborough Camberley. Our teachers are students of Master Wang Haijun. You'll love what we do!

Chen Style Taijiquan for experienced new joiners

 Laojia Yi Lu, Chen Tai Chi, Chen Long Form, Chen Old Frame, Chen 74, Cannon Fist, Sword, Sabre, Broadsword, Spear, Guandao, Pushing Hands classes in Surrey and Hampshire taughtby Wang Hai Jun Student Cherry Collins

Our classes take place in Farnborough Aldershot Mytchett and Hawley - within a half hour radius of Church Crookham, Fleet, Yateley, Crowhthorne, Blackbushe, Hartley Witney, Guildford, Camberley, Farnham, Woking, Ash, Haslemere, Sandhurst, Alton, Hook and Bordon

This page focuses on experienced Chen Tai Chi Chuan joiners

If you are looking for BEGINNERS classes or Taichi-Qigong classes, please click here instead


OUR CHEN TAI CHI CLASSES ARE ALWAYS 'SINGLE LEVEL' - this means you will be in a class with other people who have been studying for about the same amount of time as you. We never put complete beginners into a higher level class, as we feel this puts pressure on the new learners and restricts the progress of the more experienced. Splitting a class into two groups also limits the time each person spends learning from the teacher so we don't employ this method of teaching . 

ALL OUR CLASSES ARE PAY WHEN YOU COME - you'll never have to pay for a class you don't attend.  £6 daytime, £7 evening (less for more than one class per week)

TUITION IS VERBAL, VISUAL, and TACTILE - We don't all learn justby following along, so Cherry utilises all three aproaches to learning - see it, hear it, feel it. Same orientation and mirror orientation follow alongs are used so you can see what's happening back and front.

Hands on corrections and explanations are given, as well as follow me practice - in the same tradition that Cherry learns from her Teacher Master Wang Haijun. Instuctions are backed up with Tai Chi Theory - always referencing to the principles of Taijiquan. 



pic above: Master Wang Haijun demonstrating Da Lu Tui Shou (Pushing Hands) with Cherry in Poland, Feb 2016