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Good Causes Supported by SHTC

If you were in one of my Qigong classes in early 2014, you might remember I brought in a bag containing words written on little slips of paper. The exercise was to take a slip and try to use that 'power word' in as many ways as you could that week.

I got the word BLESSED   

I still have that little word in the cash box which use at my classes. I see it several times a day.  It makes me smile as it reminds me daily how BLESSED I am to be doing what I love for a living.

I believe that those who are blessed to be in a position where they can help ease the suffering of othersshouldn't just sit back and let it happen, so  from the class fees I take each month I send a proportion to charity.

Since it is your class fees which enable me to support these worthy causes, I thought i'd share them here with you.  So you see, by  attending our classes regularly not only are you helping yourself enjoy life more, but you're helping others too:)  I won't specify exactly what I give,  but each charity is supported monthly with a double-figure donation






No surprises there!- You know i'm a sucker for anything with a furry tail and whiskers. If there is such a thing as reincarnation I want to come back as a cat. 

Together, we sponsor a pen at one of the Cats Protection League shelters and two cats, well in theory 12 cats, because Donatella recently gave birth to 10 kittens!







 OK another furry one. Meet DASHER who we are sponsoring throughout his 20 months of training and 7 years of support, in becoming  a guide dog

DASHER  MORE INFO        Dasher enjoying a cuddle

i'm not so much a dog person, as a cat person, but with reincarnation in mind (see above) , it makes sense to hedge one's bets....



Just in case we come back as a cow, ferret, tortoise or gerbil..... 

The RSPCA campaign for Animals Rights - like the end of long-distance live animal transportation for the food industry, as well as helping pets in need. 



We've all been a child once, and, as I recall, it wasn't always easy.

Barnardo's helps children all around the UK to get apprenticeships, to escape abusive situations at home, or to support them within the family when a parent is ill or dies, etc etc....


5. Age International Logo

 In particular, the Age International Sponsor a Grandparent scheme.





     The donation you help me give goes towards building wells, running pipes,installing taps etc. Creating access to clean drinking water. Ending the threat of diarrhoea which kills 2000 children A DAY!!!  More funds are needed - Give the gift of life - give the right to clean drinking water. MORE INFO



Sometimes it seems like there's no way out and women get stuck  with an abuser, in the very place where they should feel safe and secure. Living in fear destroys lives.

This domestic violence charity helps 250,000 abused women,and their children each year. Giving them a way out, some light at the end of the tunnel and their self-belief back



Our contribution is helping ease poverty in poor communities in 90 countries around the world. Not just handouts, but a hand up -  setting up sustainable farming and workplaces, improving lives.



Homelessness is something that really touches my conscience. When I snuggle up, well fed, in my warm safe bed each night I think about those sleeping rough - their fears, their dreams - or lack of them, their health. Regardless of how they got there (who are we to judge) surely everyone in this country should have the opportunity to have basic needs met?

 Last year I helped out on some of the overnight shifts at the Aldershot nightshelter,  run by Housing Justice. This year,  because of new evening classes sadly i'm not able to do that, but I continue to help the homeless by buying a Big Issue whenever I see someone selling them.  Paying a bit over the asking price brings a smile to their faces- for every person who buys a paper maybe a hundred people pass them by. Bring some sunshine into someone's life next time you hear "Big Issue" being called  :) 



With so many lives being affected by cancer these days, how could we not support this amazing charity? I know many of our students have had the disease, or are in remission now and although it's never good to hear that someone has cancer,  it's fantastic to rejoice with you when treatment is over and the all clear is given :)


We also give to various charities throughout the year as one-off fund raisers 

In February 2015, we supported the British Heart foundation's Wear it Red day, which raised £135.00 for the charity.

In March we supported Red Nose Day - the amount donated was £90.00.