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Surrey and Hampshire's authentic Tai Chi and Health Qigong school. Classes for beginners and above near Aldershot Farnham Farnborough Camberley. Our teachers are students of Master Wang Haijun. You'll love what we do!

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Chen, Yang ,Beijing 24 Taiji /Tai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung  Health Qigong classes  lessons  courses for beginners & experienced adults in Surrey & Hampshire covering Aldershot, Farnham, Tongham, Ash, Farnborough, Mytchett, Frimley, Camberley, Hawley, Woking, Blackwater, Fleet, Hook, Church Crookham, Sandhurst, Crowthorne, Bracknell, all within 20 mins of a Surrey & Hants Tai Chi Class. 

 We last updated our website on

Thursday 24th May 2018

Our next planned closures:

Monday 28th May Bank Holiday - NO CLASSES

Wednesday 30th May & Friday 1st June

No evening  KILN classes  due to road closure 


 Introducing Surrey & Hants

"Tai Chi Qigong Sanctuary" classes


"This class is the only thing that keeps me sane" 

" This is the first time in 3 days that i'm without my headache"

"Im sleeping better than I have in years"

"I always feel so happy and relaxed after the classes"

- Some of the things our students have told us recently 

Try it yourself - Pay weekly, £7 


Our evening Tai Chi Qigong classes mainly attract people who work during the day, or parents / grandparetns who look after the little ones. Stressed people looking for an exercise class where they can unwind and restore. So we listened to your feedback and now employ various therapeutic methods to create a state of wellbeing from the moment you walk in:

Coloured lights, Candles, Aromatherapy and sound therapy - including the use of Isochronic beats - frequencies of sound within the music we play - which safely and gently 'nudge' the mind out of the adrenaline soaked Beta mode into the relaxing, restorative, creative Low Alpha & Theta brainwave patterns, where the body and mind can repair.  Learn techniques to boost Oxytocin and Serotonin release so you feel calmer, happier and sleep better

Look out for evening classes marked * Tai Chi Qigong Sanctuary

We have a couple of spaces available but please contact us before coming along to obtain the car park barrier entry code





Liking our page on Facebook is a great way to keep up to date with what's happening at  Surrey and Hants Tai Chi 

Our Thursday and Friday evening classes have moved from St Josephs to a bigger venue at Connaught Leisure Centre, Aldershot GU11 3JB
Our Thursday and Friday evening classes have moved from St Josephs to a bigger venue at Connaught Leisure Centre, Aldershot GU11 3JB

Tai Chi for Beginners - Start Now

May 2018:

Classes currently open to new joiners are:

Mondays 12-1pm Hawley Memorial Hall

Mondays 6.30-7.30 Mytchett Canal

Tuesdays 11-12 Mytchett Canal

Wednesdays 11.30-12.30 Mytchett Community 

Thursdays 7.45-8.45pm Aldershot Alderwood


Please contact us by clicking on the link below stating which class(es) you are interested in, before you come as some venues require car park barrier codes and others may already be full


Click here now to ask about a class  

We love Palm Free Irish Soap!


Now and then a small business catches our attention which definitely deserves some free publicity. An entrepeneur Taiji friend of mine in Ireland is one such lady.

Kathy makes 'Palm Oil Free' soaps, using 100% natural ingredients with pure essential oils and vitamins, including many vegan recipes - but although they look and smell delicious remember that you can't actually eat them;-P 

Kathy says: "Our soaps DO NOT CONTAIN any Artificial Fragrances, Preservatives, SLF’s Parabens, G.M.O’s or preservatives, they are preserved only by their Pure Essential Oils and Vitamins A, C & E." Even the water used in the soap making process is filtered rainwater- no chlorine, fluoride etc :) 

WHY PALM OIL FREE? The choices we make when buying food, cosmetics, cleaning products etc  isn't just about cost or being kind to ourselves, it's about being kind to animals and our environment. Products which use palm oil (and there are thousands from food to cosmetics and cleaning products - read the labels in your bathroom / kitchen - 50% of supermarket items contain Palm Oil!! ) damage our world because thousands of acres of rainforest are being cleared to make way for palm tree plantations, to fulfil the worlds need for a cheap source of oil for foodstuffs and cosmetics. Each time we buy such a product we are buying into the deforestation of the Amazon and other Rainforests :(

What makes Kathy's soaps so appealing is that not only to they look good, smell good, feel good and work good, but they are 100% kind to our environment AND they are relatively inexpensive, coming in at £2.50 per bar - which lasts for ages and makes your bathroom smell great between usues - no need for harmful air-fresheners

Our first box of 40 soaps sold out in less than a week - we will have more coming in 2018 :)


Here's a link to Kathy's website to read more about why this soap is an exceptional product!

 Palm Free Irish Soap 




Master Wang Haijun will teach 6 seminars for students of SHTC in 2018



Master Wang Haijun will be teaching six Seminars in 2018 at Surrey & Hants Tai Chi 

Friday 23 February 2.00- 3.30pm Beginners

Friday  23 February 6.30-9.30pm Improvers 74 form*

Friday 15 June 2.00-3.30pm  Beginners

Friday 15 June 6.30-9.30pm Improvers 74 form*

Friday 21 September 2.00-3.30pm Beginners

Friday 21 September 6.30-9.30pm Improvers 74 form*


* Students working on the 18 form are invited to join us for the first hour and a half for foundation exercises and beginning of form

The dates are confirmed but seminar start / end times may move half an hour either way nearer the time once venues have been confirmed. Seminars will take place in the Mytcheett/ Farnborough / Aldershot areas 


Master Wang Haijun Workshops in Mytchett and Aldershot

^See above for 2018 dates ^ 

 Master Wang Haijun taught two seminars

at Surrey & Hants Tai Chi on

FRIDAY 22nd September 2017


Afternoon Seminar

Tai Chi Energy Cultivation and Health Nurturing Exercises 


 Master Wang  Haijun taught some Chen Taiji life nurturing energy exercises (qigong) to help relax body and mind and to cultivate a strong reserve of energy at the Lower Dantien and to develop a clear calm mind, Although Chen Style Tai Chi is fundamentally a Martial Art, it is not limited to self defence - in fact more people in the West practice Taiji movements for health keeping than for Martial Arts.

We practiced joint loosening, 'Qi  Shi' - Tai Chi opening form (to find the feelings of heavy relaxed and extended), vertical rotationnn of the lower dantien, 'Dao Juan Hong' - rolling the upper arms and 'Yun Shou' - cloud hands.  Master Wang streseed how important it is to find the feelings of heavy  loose and extended. The seminar ended with a short period of Zhaang Zhuan - Pole Standing (The Chen Taiji method of standing meditation, or Nei Gong - internal 'work'. 



Evening Seminar   

 Chen Taijiquan Foundation Exercises & Laojia Yi Lu section 1


We  began with joint loosening and silk reeling exercises before moving on with Laojia Yi Lu corrections /new movements in section 1, finishing at Fist under elbow- Zhou Di Kan Quan. Master Wang was generous with his hands on corrections to help students find the feeling of the correct posture alignments. 

SHTC 'beginners' group, who studied the 18 form last academic year,  had just been promoted to 'improvers' and began learning Laojia Yi Lu at the start of this month. Their promotion enabled them to attend the whole 3 hour evening session and I was very pleased with the effort they put in. "Smiling faces and sore legs"  :) 

It was lovely to welcome students from other Chen Taiji schools to join us this time. It was good to meet you and hope to train with you again in 2018 

2018 dates are now confirmed as: 23 Feb,  15 June and 21 Sept



May 2017 Seminars

We had the privilege of hosting Master Wang for two seminars on his last visit. For the first time he offered a softer, less martial, class for our students which was particularly geared towards retired people and those wishing to explore the inner arts of mindfulness and deep relaxation without learning a complicated form. Our first seminar of it's kind was a great success, with very positive feedback and big smiles from the daytime group. As usual, Master Wang won everyone over with his warm approach to teaching and his genuine love for his Art and he even gave the group a demonstration of his form at the end of the seminar

The emphasis of Master Wangs teaching in the daytime class was to relax and to be slow & mindful in the exercises which he taught to the group

Pic below - daytime seminar group with Master Wang 




May 2017 Evening Seminar 

The evening seminar was geared to a mix of experience levels: For the first half of the evening, students who are working on the 18 Form were able to join the more experienced Laojia students for joint loosening, silk reeling and the beginning of the 18 form,  which meant a wider range of students were able to train with Master Wang this time.  

90 minutes later, after a group photo, the 'beginners' went home and the Laojia group continued with some more advanced silk reeling exercises and the Laojia Form, this time covering from the punch in Section 1 and learning to the penultimate movement of that section.  

The emphasis in the evening class was on being heavy and loose in the movements and to extend to open the joints to stretch the tendons promoting the flow of Qi energy and to find the feeling of peng.  

As we had a large venue this time, some students from Howard Tripp's school in Winchester and Darren Plumb's school in Guildford were able to join us. Howard and Darren are both long-term students of Master Wang at his London classes.

Below: Evening Seminar group pic 




Autumn 2016 Seminar 


The evening started with joint loosening and foundation Silk Reeling exercises. We then practiced the 18 form a couple of times - once following Master Wang and once for him to watch and evaluate. After this he split the class into two groups and one group very slowly practiced the first few movements whilst Master Wang gave precise hands- on posture correctiions to many of the students. This was repeated with the other half of the class practicing whilst the first group watched and listened.  Then we all came back together for more 'follow me' form practice with Master Wang.  The time flew by and soon it was time for a short but well earned tea break and then back to work again. A wide range of students were in attendance - some who only finished the 18 form the previous week and othhers who have attended all of Master Wang's Farnborough Seminars and have since, started training with him in London too.

Master Wang said that there are several very important things to find in our practice 

The first thing is that we must RELAX so the body can become LOOSE. This starts in the mind  - relax and loosen from the inside out, Shifu said.  If there is tensionor stress in the mind the body will be stiff and we cannot find looseness. Pay attention to the mind first. In Yu Bei - preparing form, the body is still but the mind is in the process of calming down. We must always do this before we start the first movement. Master Wang said that stiffness in the body makes the internal 'Qi' energy get stuck - a type of internal energy suicide. This results in poor health. Master Wang said that if your Qi energy flows freely you can sort out anything in life. 

Secondly, and linked to looseness, we must be SOFT in our movements. Not too stiff and not too floppy- using just the right amount of effort - use the mind to guide the energy and movement, dont use hard muscle strength or force.  Find the right feeling in the postures from softness, not from hardness.This will also prromote good blood flow. Shifu told us that when everything in the body is connected then the blood is strong and the Qi flows strongly. When we develop softness it leads to another requirement -our structure becomes SOLID and HEAVY, the energy can sink past the hips and knees and reach the feet which builds our energetic rooting. Master Wang reminded us that we have to 'go through the training' - this means put in the time on a daily basis to try to find what the teacher says in our bodies, it means aching tired legs - but this is a good sign that the muscles are becoming stronger. The stronger the muscles are the more they can support the body in a relaxed position- we won't have to grip and tighten the muscles to support the posture anymore. This is a PROCESS and takes time and repeated training. Your teacher can't give it to you - only you can build it by going through the training, he said. 

Additionally, keep the chest sunk in and lightly push out / expand the back . Sticking out the chest makes the Qi get stuck in the chest and it doesn't descend - we will never build our root until we can sink the Qi to the feet. We start by keeping the chest soft, so Qi can flow down Ren Mai to Dantian. From there it goes down the legs to the feet. 

Master Wang also told us we must keep the head erect- lightly stretching the back of the neck and pulling the chin in a little. Imagining a plate on the crown of the head - we dont want the plate to fall off. Also keep shoulders and hips level. Shoulders stay down even when we raise the arms - use minimum strength and dont lift the shoulders. 


January 2016 Master Wang Hai Jun Seminar in Farnborough


Our second seminar with Master Wang HaiJun took place in Farnborough on 25th January where Master Wang took the group through the second half of the 18 form. After the seminar Master Wang encouraged the group to practice the form daily whilst 'throwing away their hard strength (developing Song) and making sure that the head, shoulders and hips are kept level (keeping Ding). Regular practice of the form will develop leg strength and will allow students to 'find the feeling' of the movements.

Master Wang Haijun drops into SHTC Classes! 

Earlier on Monday, before the evening Seminar, Master Wang surprised our Chen Taiji Beginners.  Pat was teaching the Beginners Plus class when Master Wang and Cherry slipped into the back row of Pat's class without her knowing. They both joined in whilst Pat was leading Silk Reeling Exercises. Pat's face when she turned around and saw Master Wang Haijun and Cherry taking part in her class was priceless and there was much laughter all round!! Pat and Cherry then continued to teach the class whilst Master Wang watched, allowing him to provide feedback on their teaching methods, in order to best help our students.

What a wonderful day and what a wonderful Teacher we have! :)

January 2016 Seminar 

Surrey and Hants Tai Chi hosted our first 18 Form Workshop for Master Wang Haijun which was aimed at students with about a year's experience who had not trained with Master Wang before.

This first seminar took place on 2nd November 2015 and was attended by 40 students from Surrey and Hants Tai Chi and James Langcake's Tai Chi School.  Master Wang covered joint loosening and silk reeling exerises in the first hour and then taught the first half of the Chen 18 form.  

Following the success of the event, Master Wang will return to Farnborough for three seminars in 2016:

Monday 25th January

Monday 25th April

Monday 26th September

Pre-booking essential - contact us to register your interest.



Holistic Fundraising Day for Nepalese Earthquake

Cherry was invited to give a one hour Qigong workshop at a recent event to raise funds for survivors of the Earthquake in Nepal. There were five one-hour workshops on offer, in exchange for a donation to the fund. These included Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga, Zumba and Qigong. All monies raised went to the Red Cross Appeal for the Nepalese Earthquake.  

SHTC students supported the event which raised over £1000 for the appeal. Students who were unable to come on the day generously gave donations in our weekly classes, which came to approx £280 and are incuded in the total raised above.

Pic below: Our Qigong session was very well attended and resulted in the hall being rather crowded, so we took advantage of the sunshine and went outside in the garden.  


Info about our Tea!


If you're looking for info on our fat-busting, cancer-busting tea blend and info on angiogenesis - click here

Red Nose Day 2015 - we ate 'red nose' cakes and raised £90 :)

Our Friday students donated a total of £45 via our Red Nose donation box.  Surrey and Hants Tai Chi pledged to match the amount given, bringing the total we've donated to £90.   

 Thank you every one who supported Red Nose Day :) When, as individuals, we make a small act of kindness, collectively we make a big difference. 

"Wear It Beat It "- Fri 6 FEB SHTC Supporting British Heart Foundation


We asked our students to wear something red on Friday 6th Feb in support of the British Heart Foundation

 SHTC made a £1 donation for each of the 49 people who attended our classes on 6th Feb and eachstudent was given a British Heart Foundation metal pin badge

Our students boosted the club donation amount via our collection tin in class.

We raised a total of £125 for the BHF

Thank you  everyone :) 

 To see other charities which are supported by SHTC please click here

White (Taiji) Van Lady spotted in Surrey and Hants! 


 My old van had been running on prayer and positive affirmation for over a year with a top, bone shaking speed of 50, a leak which meant i had to drain a litre of rainwater out of the drivers footwell each time it rained, an engine maintenance light with was more on than off, central locking which did some very strange things including locking me IN... and several other niggles. So with the help of my 0% interest credit card i splashed out on a much newer van and made it into a mobile advert for Tai Chi at the same time :) I've already had some new customers as a result of seeing my new tai chi wagon :)  Agreed, it's not subtle, but it's effective ;-P



End of year 2014 message - The Queens Speech without the corgies....

Dear Friends

A really big and heartfelt Thank YOU to everyone who has supported my classes this year - regularly without fail, or as and when you could make it. You know either way you'll always get a big smile and a welcome when you come

The number of people attending classes was at a record high throughout the year - Every single week's attendance was higher than the corresponding week of last year. That means more and more people are reaping the health and happiness benefits of Taiji and Qigong in Surrey & Hants.  YAY! 

We even had 25 attendees at our last day of 2014 at Hawley Memorial Hall on 22 Dec.    I have a hunch that it was the lure of my home-baked dark and white chocolate 'Yin Yang' Cookies that prompted the good turnout....


Pic: Surrey and Hants Tai Chi Cookie Eaters! 

As we come to the close of 2014, I want let you know that I appreciate the kind messages I have received throughout the year letting me know what a difference Tai Chi and /or Qigong has made to you, helping you through a health problem or a hard time and empowering you to take charge of your well being again.  Often you didn't tell me this until it was over, but hearing that someone has got the all clear from cancer, or is off medication, or free of pain, off their walking stick,  or over a heartbreaking situation always makes my soul rejoice! Moments like these make my 'job' so rewarding.  

  So here's to 2015 - may it be an outstanding year of blessings and breakthroughs for us all, may we have the courage to do the things we previously feared, the strength to do the things our heart says we should and the wisdom to laugh at the mistakes we'll make along the way...


Yi Lu Shun Feng 

Wishing you a favourable wind all the way 


XMAS HOLIDAY HOMEWORK! - click to read

Evening Family Qigong Class in Aldershot  - 2015

In the new year, from Jan 15th, we will study the Yi Jin Jing Qigong set in depth during our 8.30-9.30pm class at St Josephs Aldershot. Newcomers are welcome and existing students who have covered the movements of the form previously will find they will get much more from studying the set a second time around. 

This is our most meditative class, after the learning part of the class (approx half an hour) we turn out the lights and practice what we heave covered, by candlelight to the sound of traditional chinese music or gongs

Who is it for?

Anyone with an interest in learning to relax, calm a racing mind, increase focus and mindfulness, improving health and enhancing strength and flexibility in order to avert muscular aches pains and injuries. 

We have all ages of adults in this class and also a few family groups who come along with their children - aged 7 - 17 - so lovely to see such enlightened parents introducing their little ones to meditation and mindfulness at a young age. One Mum told me that her 10 year old got quite upset when they were unable to come to class one week and told her mother that the class was the highlight of her week! Awww :)  So ask Mum & Dad for a late pass and bring them along :)

Cherry studied Yi Jin Jing in China for 4 months in 2011 with daily tuition from a Shaolin master who had lived and trained at Shaolin from the age of 16. This version of Yi Jin Jing (there are many!) is the version which Cherry's teacher learnt whilst living at Shaolin and it was practiced as part of the students' daily Qi Cultivation exercises.

Our popular class takes place at St Josephs Church Hall, Queens Rd, Aldershot on Thursday evenings. Come along just before 8.30pm. Parking is available in the car park to the rear, or on street parking is free and unrestricted at that time of night in the streets surrounding the hall (but please check the signs where you park, just in case!)

 This class really IS for everyone - young or not so young, come alone, with a friend, or with the whole family.  


New Health Qigong Class at Hawley. Mondays 1-2pm

 Join this week!

We have just started learning the Wu Qin Xi: Five Animal Health Qigong exercises, at Hawley Memorial Hall from 1-2pm each Monday cost  £6.00, pay weekly.  Each of the five animals (Tiger, Deer, Bear, Monkey, Crane) is represented by two different exercises which mimic the movements and spirit of the animal. Each of the five animal exercises work on our internal energy via one of the five energetic organ meridians to bring about optimum mental emotional and physical health. Five Animal Qigong was created by Hua Tuo, a highly respected  Chinese physician who lived about 1800 years ago. The fact that his work has survived for 1800 years, despite war, famine and cultural revolution and is still widely practiced today as a health keeping exercise,  is testament to the effectiveness of the exercises. I learnt this set originally in UK from visiting Chinese Health Qigong masters and then revised my practice in China in 2011 and 2012 in Shandong and Beijing.  Here is a video of the set:   This class is suitable for complete Tai Chi / Qigong beginners. The Qigong class at Hawley moves to a new time of 12-1pm as from 12th January 2015. No classes on 29/12 or 5/1. 

Venue info here:  


Winter SHTC clothing now in stock

Although it's perfectly fine to wear your own casual wear to class, many students like to wear a club uniform, and so we introduced our T Shirts and Hoodies last year. I have had a lot of requests for the long-sleeved version of the popular black T-Shirt, which have not previously been on sale to students.
So here they are! Price is £18.00 long sleeve and £16 short sleeve and you can buy from the webstore or from Cherry in class, whist stocks last. We also have a few of our warm royal blue hoodies left
Back view

Surrey & Hants Tai Chi in the new edition of Tai Chi Chuan Magazine

In the new edition of the Quarterly Tai Chi Union Magazine, Cherry has written an article about preparing for and competing at the London Competition for Traditional Tai Chi Chuan,  where students of SHTC did very well at their first competition.  UPDATE: The copies which Cherry had for sale were all snapped up, sorry if you missed out! 


Summer Competition: Dave wins a month's free classes


Over the summer we ran a competition to win a month of free classes

Students were asked to submit pics of themselves practicing Tai Chi or Qigong in unusual places 

Dave Hales has won with this fabulous pic, taken in a wind tunnel! 

Watch out for more competitions coming soon :)


Please Support SHTC Student Tony raise funds for Scope UK




Long-term SHTC student, Tony Cartlidge, who attends our Friday night Chen Taiji Class, will be running the Windsor Half-Marathon on 28th September to raise funds for SCOPE UK. SCOPE UK  provides advice, support and information for over a quarter of a million people and their families, in the UK each year. The half marathon is quite a grueling one, with many hills. This is more than a one-off event for Tony, who is in daily training to prepare for this race.

Please support him - every little helps. don't let what you CAN'T give prevent you from giving what you CAN give :) 


Liz Raises Funds for Breast Cancer Campaign





SHTC Student Liz Hales has had her head shaved to raise funds for Breast Cancer Campaign. Liz decided to have her head shaved in an amazing act of support for a friend who is having chemotherapy and who was upset at losing her hair due to the treatment. Liz raised over £800 to aid the research to beat cancer, in addition to supporting her pal. Thanks to all of our students who so generously supported Liz  and a big well done to the lady herself :)



Professional AffordableTaiji Photoshoot Opportunity 8th September 


Would you like some pics of you looking like this?

 NOTE: The first photoshoot  day on 8th September is now sold out, but we will run the event again in the near future if there is sufficient demand. Please submit an enquiry to register your interest. 



If you'd like to be the subject in a series of pics like the ones of me above, here's your chance :)

Tai chi suits and weapons provided and I will adjust your posture so you look great!

Mini -photoshoots will take place in Hawley on 8th September afternoon

The cost is £25 which will include three prints of your choice.

The other pics taken can be downloaded from the photographer's website.


Surrey & Hants Tai Chi WINNERS at London Taiji Competition 2014

Preparing ourselves for competitions is a useful tool to develop and maintain a strong focus for regular training, since we are presented with regular short-term goals.

However, competitions are only a small part of what we do at SHTC and only a small percentage of students enter. If you are thinking of joining us, there is no requirement to enter a competition if you prefer to practice for your own health or pleasure.


Team SHTC competed in several events at the London Competition for Traditional Taijiquan.

Here's how we got on:

Group Forms: 

Following months of drilling form and technique in class and diligent practice at home, the Friday evening squad from SHTC entered the Groups Hand Form at the London Championships Despite being up against 11 other teams, including past category winners and international squads, their near-immaculate performance gained them a score of 8.1 and 2nd place (Silver) in the all-styles, all-levels Groups category. This is an amazing achievement since the 'fabulous five' have on average only a year and a half's experience of Chen Taijiquan, whereas many other groups had 10 or more years experience. 

pic above Front:  Hannah, Pat, Tony, Tomoko and Janet: Silver Medal Winners Group Hand Form.  Back: Cherry holds her own medals and shows how happy she is at her students' achievements

Not to be outdone by her students, 1st place / Gold in the Groups category went to Surrey & Hants Tai Chi instructor Cherry and her two teammates who, along with the SHTC squad pictured above, are students of Master Wang Haijun, three times All-China National Champion in Hand form, Weapons and Pushing Hands. 

Pic above: Cherry, Mahesh & Anna - GOLD medal in Groups Forms 

INDIVIDUAL FORMS  (Beginner / Intermediate)

 In the individual hand forms categories, two of Cherry's students entered forms and both won medals:  Gold (Tomoko) and Silver (Tony). Tomoko also won best overall hand form in the entire competition at her level.  Congratulations and well done to you all, your forms looked great and you thoroughly deserve your results :)

Above: Tomoko - Overall hand form champion 2014-Beginner Category

 Above: Tony - Silver  Medal, Chen Hand form - Intermediate Category


 OPEN CATEGORY (5 years plus training)

Cherry had some very tough opposition in her individual hand and weapons forms categories and she had to be content with third place in hand form behind Mahesh Gurung - later crowned London Competition Overall Hand Forms champion, and Juan Jose Estrella Sanchez, who is a 6th Duan Wei from Spain and the current European Hand Forms Champion, who beat Cherry into third place by just 0.1 of a point. 

 Cherry's other group-form teammate Anna Dashwood, who is also a student of Master Wang Haijun and has a Taiji school in Kent, gained a Bronze for her Sabre form and a Silver medal for her Sword form, just 0.1 of a point from 1st place spot, which was won by Geraldine Fitzmaurice from Ireland who is a student of one of Master Wang Hai Jun's senior students in Ireland, Nick Gudge.

Cherry also took bronze for her sword form, behind her friends Geraldine and Anna, with just 0.4 of a point separating 1st and third places.  

The judges commented afterwards that the exceptionally high level of Chen Style participants at this years' competition had meant that judging had been difficult at times and the competitors all brought something different to the table. 


Pic above: Cherry takes Bronze for her Chen Hand Form

Click the button below to go to the Surrey & Hants Tai Chi YouTube channel to view our students' group performance



Cherry gets silver in two events at UK Open Tai Chi Championships

At the 'UK Open Championships' in Oxford this month (April) Cherry came second in the Tai Chi Sword and Tai Chi Sabre forms in the 'open' category. 

Chen Style Tai Chi Double Fan Seminar - 24 & 25 May 2014


This was the third year that we have offered our popular

Chen Style Tai Chi Double Fan Seminar 

As usual, the event took place over two days and everyone completed the form in good time.

To view the full gallery of pics taken during the seminar click on the pic below which will take you to our facebook page. Remember to like our page whilst you're there to receive updates from us :)


This event runs once a year, or more often if there is a demand. Once you have learnt the form, regular 2-hour review sessions operate on weekends, once a month. 

Please contact us if you'd like to be put on the mailing list for info about the next 2 day seminar.



World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2014 - Saturday 26 April 10am


Surrey and Hants Tai Chi were pleased to participate in this year's World Tai Chi & Qigong day in Nonsuch Park, Cheam.

Cherry was one of the guest instructors at this global event which takes place in 80 countries worldwide.   Sixteen SHTC members came along for this fun day out which included a mass participation of the Beijing 24 forms and Ba Duan Jin Qigong. Free 20-minute taster workshops included Yang Tai Chi, 5 Animals Qigong, Chi-Do and Chen Cannon Fist (taught by Cherry).   The weather stayed dry and the sun shone for the meet which concluded with demonstrations from various teachers and a picnic.




More info about the event here:  WTCQD


Cherry's Impromptu Tai Chi Jamming session on the Southbank



In Pied Piper fashion, Cherry was lured by the music of a distant lone violin. She followed the haunting melody to find this charming and talented musician busking on his pitch on London's Southbank. What happened next was inevitable.....

Embrace the moment, go with the flow, enjoy life! 

SHTC Clothing (Tee's and Hoodys) back in stock


 Cat not included ;-P

I've just collected the latest batch of Hoodys (Royal Blue) and T-Shirts and all sizes are back in stock.

Please visit the webstore to order 

Please order online so I can bring your item to the next class

Hoodys:  Click here

T Shirts:  Click here 

31-1-14 - Chinese New Year Classes and 2-2-14 CNY London Trip

CNY Classes 
Friday 31st January was Chinese New Year and we welcomed the Year of the Horse.
Our Friday venues were decorated with paper lanterns and other auspicious decorations and each student who attended any of the 6 classes that day received a red envelope with a lucky gift inside.
CNY London Day Out
On Sunday 2nd February, the London Chinese New Year Celebrations took place in Trafalgar Square and Chinatown. 
Cherry and some of the students from SHTC travelled up to London together where we mingled with the crowds and did a spot of souvenir shopping before watching the cultural displays in Trafalgar Square. 

Surrey and Hants Tai Chi Club Hoodys and T'shirts


Below T-Shirt £16 

Our new T-shirts and hoodys are now available in class or via our webstore, £18 / £20 respectively

NB It is NOT a requirement to purchase a T-Shirt in order to participate in our classes they are entirely optional

 More details and ordering info in our webstore

Tell me more 

Surrey and Hants Tai Chi helping in the local community

Winter 2013/14  

Self development via the practice of Taijiquan 

When we begin learning a martial art or discipline such as Taijiquan, there is a code of ethics which is part of the whole package. These ethics include character traits such as Justice, Kindness, and Sincerity. So it is through the practice of our Art we become better people.

Through pushing hands and other 2-person drills, it soon becomes clear how our physical actions impact directly upon another person. Previously in our lives we may have acted without self-control and inadvertently hurt others, physically and emotionally.  But via Taiji & Qigong we learn a new control over ourselves and we learn to direct all of our actions with a speed accuracy and timing which is entirely appropriate to the situation, no more, no less.  

This brings us to realise that, outside of the training hall, our actions, and lack of action, also impact  greatly on others and so with our new awareness we try to make all of our interactions with others positive ones, transforming ourselves into higher beings in the process.

Below is a project which touched Cherry this winter, and through which Cherry and students of SHTC are using their directed positive action in a way which benefits others who have hit rock bottom. 

Cherry is helping out with regular overnight shifts at the shelter which provides a warm safe place to sleep, companionship and a hot meal for Aldershot's street homeless.  Showering and clothes washing facilities are also provided by 'The Vine Day Centre' where the homeless are helped to get back into employment . Students have been showing their support by donating overwhelming amounts of food and warm clothing, who drop their gifts in at our classes. A couple of our students are also volunteering at the shelter. 

Would you like to help?

Donations of coffee, sugar and men's boxers (preferably new or very lightly worn)  are particularly needed at this time, but any non-perishable food, toiletries or washing powder is appreciated

 Let's share the love in 2014 :)


Cherry wins medals for her Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan


26 AUGUST 2013 

Cherry wins Gold & Silver Medals in the International Tai Chi Competition in Jiaozuo, China.

Surrey & Hants Tai Chi Instructor, Cherry Collins won her division (Ladies Traditional Chen Tai Chi Laojia Form) at the the Jiaozuo International Tai Chi Competition in China this August. Cherry also came second in the Chen Style Tai Chi Sword section of the Jiaozuo International Competition, earning her a gold & a silver medal.

 Video Below: August 2013: Cherry performs her gold-medal winning routine at the Jiaozuo International Taijiquan competition in China.

Cherry's performance starts at 20 seconds into the video. (Front centre in white)  



Pic  Cherry is pictured with her teacher, Master Wang Hai Jun at the competition in China 


 JUNE 2013 

Cherry in the medals at the

2013 London Traditional Taiji Competition 


That's me (Cherry Collins) after picking up 1st place (Gold) medal for my Chen (Open) Hand Form, 2 bronzes (3rd place) - must try harder... for my Chen Sabre and Sword forms and a Silver (2nd Place) for second best form overall (all styles / forms) in the 2013 London (Competition for Traditional Taijiquan - open category. Thanks to everyone for the congrats and kind remarks on my win :) I'm pleased to have noticed a lot of progress in the classes recently, so perhaps in 2014 some of YOU might like to enter and i'll come to cheer you on! 

Surrey and Hants Tai Chi in the news

15 November 2013 

The quarterly publication of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain "Tai Chi Chuan and Oriental Arts" magazine has published an four page article written by Cherry this month. Cherry talks about her stay in China this year and in particular what it was like competing at the world's biggest Tai Chi competition and an emotional visit to the birthplace of Chen Tai Chi, Chenjiagou Village,  with her teacher Master Wang, Hai Jun.  


Cherry has a limited number of the full colour 46-page magazine which includes many interesting articles on Tai Chi and Qigong.  Copies cost £4 and can be reserved by email or purchased in class. 

27 Sept 2013 

 The Aldershot Star & Courier carried an article on Cherry on the front page this week

 7 March 2013 


 Above: A recent article about the class I run for the Sandhurst Indian Community Group.