Surrey and Hants Tai Chi and Qigong

Surrey and Hampshire's authentic Tai Chi and Health Qigong school. Classes for beginners and above near Aldershot Farnham Farnborough Camberley. Our teachers are students of Master Wang Haijun. You'll love what we do!

Tai Chi-Qigong at Mytchett Community Centre

 Beginners Tai Chi Qigong Classes in Mytchett near Farnborough Frimley Camberley Woking Fleet Blackwater Sandhurst Taught by Cherry Collins Surrey and Hants Tai Chi

Tai Chi Qigong classes


Mytchett Community Centre

located in the playing fields, right next door to the BP / M&S Garage / double roundabouts

Mytchett Rd 

GU16 6AA 

(for Tuesdays and Fridays click to see Mytchett Canal Centre 



Our Monday Evening

TaiChi - Qigong

is moving! 

(Wednesday daytime unaffected) 

Whist daytime classes continue in the big hall in September, our last EVENING class at the Community Centre takes place on 14th August. We then have a two week break.  When classes restart on 4th September we move the 8-9pm Monday class to the Canal Visitors Centre GU16 6DD- just 2 mins up the road.  Our new Monday evening venue is located in the grounds of a local beauty spot, overlooking the canal, surrounded by nature. We will be the only people on site at 7pm- a quiet relaxing uplifting environment in which to practice Qigong. We hold the classin the  meeting room.

Please contact us at least a day before coming along to the new Monday evening venue as you will need a car park barrier code to get in to the grounds


Classes at Mytchett Community Centre 

  Wednesday Mornings

TaiChi-Qigong for Everyone 

Cultivate a Tranquil Mind and Healthy Body though slow mindful energy-movement

From 6th September we operate our Autumn Timetable and offer two classes:

 9.30-10.30 Improvers/Returners Tai Chi Qigong

Continuing on with movements and  exercise sets introduced over the past year or so, plus some new ones 

NEW! 10.30-11.30 Beginners TaiChi Qigong NEW!

 Why Tai Chi Qigong? It seems there is an endless list of new things to try these days- fads come and go all the time, new systems such as Pilates and Zumba spring up, but Tai Chi Qigong is the oldest heath promoting discipline known,  it's withstood the tests of time- with an unbroken history spanning 5000 years! I have seen so many people improve their health through my classes and it's a wonderful reward to hear their recovery stories. This is not just an exercise class - it's a new way of being. Come and try it- I'm sure you'll  be glad you did :)

 Ask about the Wednesday classes here

*Please check the LATEST NEWS page for holiday closures before coming along 


 Pic above: Our Wednesday daytime venue is on the left, just after the BP / M&S garage and before the double roundabouts,coming from Ash direction.  

We also have Monday Evening, Tuesday and Friday classes at avenue just a minute up the road - the Canal centre in Mytchett, so do make sure you come to the right venue.  The car park entrance is just in front of the building. Busses 3, 85 and 403 come past our door. 

Who is it for? 

9.30am  Returners / Improvers

10.30am  NEW Joiners /Beginners 

The classes are aimed at people who want to improve their health and wellbeing or just want to get a bit more active and flexible, improve posture and balance etc, without wearing themselves out. You don't need any particular level of fitness to join.  Many of our students come to us via a recommendation from their doctor now that Western Medicine is waking up to the wisdom and secrets of Eastern Medicine

Although we hope you'll want to attend most weeks, the class is not learning a progressive sequence, so if you are away for a couple of weeks you can come back and join straight in without  the worry that you have fallen behind

What is Qigong? 

Qigong - literally 'internal energy work' is a branch of Chinese Medicine that has been keeping the Chinese nation healthy for thousands of years. It is practiced by millions of people as a health nurturing activity, every day. Now we in the West can enjoy it's instant benefits too.

 Most exercises classes in the Western world are aimed at making the heart pump faster and increasing the speed of the breath (aerobic is the buzz word). Chinese Medicine however has a very different approach - Its aims to build oneself UP through gentle yet powerful exercise, not wear oneself OUT! 

Tai Chi Qigong involves slow rhythmic repetitive movement performed in a standing up position. Definitely no laying around on plastic mats on cold floors. Movements are performed according to the individual's range of movement. We are not trying to do better than anyone else. Cherry teaches the movements slowly and everyone follows along. Clear explantions are given. If you are unsure, just come and try a class - there's nothing to join and no subscriptions. Our classes tend to be friendly and relaxed.

Genuine Qigong - not a modern fad

Surrey and Hants Tai Chi instructor,  Cherry Collins, who teaches this class, has made 5 residential trips to China, staying for up to 6 months as a time, to study the essence of Tai Chi & Qigong at it's birthplace. Surrey and Hants Tai Chi only offers genuine traditional Tai Chi  /Qigong, NOT a mish mash of various other things branded as the latest fad, learnt in a week long course in Brighton. Qigong has a traceable 5000 year history. The popularity of our classes speaks for itself and every week another person tells us how much the classes have improved an aspect of their health, from headaches, to arthritis, to insomnia, poor balance, blood pressure, anxiety etc.  This is because the ancient art of Qigong balances the internal energy to create an environment within the individual where body and mind can simply heal itself. Qigong is not just about getting fit, it's about becoming WHOLE again :)

What do I wear?

Normal indoor casual wear is perfect - trousers rather than skirts and something loose with a high neckline for ladies. No lycra or skin tight clothing please. Trousers with an elastic waist are best. Flat soled shoes or trainers. 

Do i need to bring / buy anything else? 

just bring a bottle of water to drink. No special clothing or equipment required

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 *Always check the LATEST NEWS page before coming along as we sometimes have occasional class closures