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                   Chen Tai Chi Double Fan


We are now taking bookings for our March 2016 SINGLE FAN workshop which takes place on 19th March 2016, 10.30-3.00pm in Aldershot

At present we have not scheduled a double fan workshop for 2016

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More info on the 2-day Double Taiji Fan Seminar


We usually hold this event, suitable for complete fan beginners, once or twice a year and teach the entire form over 2 consecutive weekends.  Currently we are looking at the possibility of two Saturday afternoons in May 2015 in the Aldershot area, for the next event. The cost will be approx £50, tbc, depending on venue hire charges. We aim to keep costs to a minimum to make it affordable.

On the first day of the course, we will cover how to hold and open / close the fans in a smooth and precise way. We will explore manipulation of the fans within the various planes of movement. This part of the course is a lot of fun :)

After studying the foundation fan exercises, we will begin building the movements into the form. We will complete the whole  form over the 2 day course. The last hour or so of the second day will be spent practicing the form as a whole, and polishing the rough edges.

pic: 2014 seminar - some of the students pose for a pic with Cherry outside the venue 

 The Fan Form and its benefits

The Chen Double Fan Form comprises 22 movements. It encourages development of the non-dominant hand (the left hand in right handed people, and vice versa) and gives your brain a 'neurobic' workout by making it concentrate on something new. While your brain is adjusting to performing these new tasks, under-used neural-pathways and connections are activated. This stimulates the growth of new brain cells and brain connections.

It is also a great stress buster and we encourage laughter, especially at the start when we are learning to control the fans. You will also find Tai Chi Fan practice has meditative qualities since it demands your full attention to develop control over the fans. Because of this high level of focus, the worries of the day are simply left at the door.

The dexterity developed by opening and closing the fans throughout the form increases digital joint mobility and strengthens the muscles and tendons of the hand, wrist and arm, helping such conditions as Tendonitis and Repetitive Strain Injury. However, we recommend that you check with your doctor prior to commencing a Tai Chi fan class if you suspect that you might be suffering from these, or similar conditions, just to be on the safe side.


Pic: the 2014 Seminar in progress 

Who can learn Tai Chi Fan?

The course is suitable for anyone aged 18 and over, with or without Tai Chi experience, male or female. Some people learn Tai Chi first and fan forms later and others learn how to manipulate the fans first and develop their Tai Chi skills afterwards,  eg by joining one of our weekday / evening Tai Chi classes

In case you think that fans are just for the ladies, fans were actually used as a weapon in feudal China and often carried by the Samurai in Japan.  You can see many male Tai Chi and Kung Fu masters performing fan forms like this one, on  You Tube.

Do I need my own fans? 

 Fans will be provided to use on the course. You do not have to buy your own. 

Should you prefer to buy your own fans in order to familiarise yourself with them before the course, or to practice at home afterwards, these can be sourced from Tai Chi Link for approx £20. Be sure to buy a PAIR of fans (one L hand and one R hand) as two 'single' fans will not work.  Please buy the 'double kung fu / tai chi fans,' and not the 'fluffy cloth' Dance fans. Ask us if in doubt. 


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 Our instructor Cherry Collins demonstrates a Tai Chi Fan posture