Training in China 2009 Training in China 2009 OK, it had to be done....! 109409833 My Shaolin 'Family' 109409832 Kunyu Shan Pagoda 109409838 Our Instructor with a Preying Mantis 109409839 Twice Daily Arm Conditioning 109409840 Shaolin Temple Main Entrance 109409841 Great Wall at Sunset 109409842 The road outside the school 109409844 Kunlun Mountain Martial Arts School Training Hall 109409845 Pagoda at Summer Palace, Beijing 109409846 Wang and Cui Shifus 109409847 Tai Chi Practice in Autumn 109409848 Tai Chi Practice in Winter 109409849 One little cold chicken and an old bird... 109409850 Road Outside the School - Summer 109409851 Road Outside the School - Winter 109409852 The Students' Swimming hole 109409853 School Gates 109409854 Temple Training Area 109409855 Climbing in the hills in Winter 109409856 Kunyu Shan climb 109409857 At the lake - my favourite meditation spot 109409858 Chen Villiage Training School 109409859 Gates of the School 109409863 Monks in the Temple 109409864 The students daily 'warm up' run 109409865 Extreme meditation! 109409866 Steps at Kunyu Shan 111665104 Five Happiness Turtle 109411155 Afternoon Applications Class 109409834 Shaolin applications class 3 111665103 Shaolin Applications Class 2 111665106 Zhang Jia Jie, Henan Province Some of the most breathtaking landscapes i have ever seen. Well worth the climb :) 111665596