Training in China 2011 Training in China 2011 5 Animal Qigong Training with Shifu Zhou Gang Chuan, Shaolin Master, here i'm studying Tiger Seizes Prey from Wu Qin Xi - 5 animal qigong 136941256 Chen Taiji Practice in my own time One thing i love about the school in shandoneg is its remoteness - this means there are no distractions from training and lots of time to find some space to practice my Chen Tai Chi, when i'm not training in Shaolin. 136941257 Sunrise on Wudangshan 136941259 School training terrace on Wudangshan Morning Daoyin exercises as the sun rose and the mists lifted.. gorgeous!!! 136941261 Purple Heaven Palace Studying Wudang Taoist Health Preserving Exercises (Daoyin) 136941263 Shanghai Hutongs 136941264 Climbing Hua Shan, Shaanxi Province 136941266 Swimming in the lake beside the school Perfect relaxing end to a day's training! 136941269 Kunyu Shan Temple 136942667 Area just outside the school 136942668 Me & some of the other students Look closely - Yin / Yang ice cream! 136942670 Hiking in the hills behind the school 136942672 Farmer on the road beside the school 136942676 Incense burner - Tianyi Stone Temple Where the scene of the snake charming lady was filmed for 2010 Karate Kid movie 136942679 Tianyi Stone Temple Location of the 'dragon well' in the 2010 Karate Kid movie 136942680 Another view of Tianyi Stone temple 136942681 Outside the school gates 136942687 Me climbing Hua Shan - One of the scariest and most exhilarating moments of my life! Overcoming my fear of heights! 156935396