Training in China 2012 Training in China 2012 Posing at Tashan park, Yantai 168931060 Posing at Tashan Pagoda 168931061 Shaolin Xu Bu stance training Every eye, every finger has to be exact! 168931063 Saturday Tai Chi on the beach 168931064 Our Swimming Pool! Crystal clear warm water, A mountain lake, no pollution, no shopping trolleys, - just a few rather large snakes to keep you company! Our regular post-training afternoon cool down. 168931065 Sunset from the roof of the school Taken in September 2012. Sitting out on the roof of the school watching the sun set is a great way to chill. 168931066 Picking Lunch The school owner also owns several orchards and trips are arranged to pick fruit & have picnics at weekends. 168931067 Ma Bu - Horse Stance training Essential Kung Fu training! 168931068