Training in China 2013 Training in China 2013 Wang Hai Jun with Cherry Collins Posing with Master Wang Hai Jun after being presented with my gold and silver medals 186625842 Chen Taiji Sword Form Taiji Sword practice in Ritan Park Beijing 2013 186625843 Chenjiagou - birthplace of Taiji Posing in front of Chen Wangting's stature in Chen Village 186625844 Purple Cloud Temple Posing (again!) in Purple Cloud Palace on Wudangshan 186625845 Purple Heaven Palace Chen Tai Chi 186625846 Chen Village Museum Chenjiagou Master Wang adjusts my posture and poses with me :) 186625847 Jin Ji Du Li Practice in Ritan Park Beijing 186625848 Tai Chi Fan Form Ritan Park Beijing 186625849 Chen Village Master Wang Hai Jun and me (Cherry Collins) 186625850 Chenjiagou, Henan Posture Correction from Master Wang Hai Jun 186625851 Gold medal - Jiaozuo Taijiquan exchange competition Gold - Laojia Silver - Sword 186625852 Master Wang Hai Jun & group Master Wang poses with the Jiaozuo medal winners in Wudangshan 2013 186625853 Taiji on Wudangshan Wang Hai Jun leads students in Laojia Yi Lu 186625854 Tian'anmen square 186625855 Zhangjiajie Cherry looking very happy :)) 186625856 Master Wang Hai Jun Jiaozuo 2013 Master Wang teaching at Jiaozuo seminar 2013 186625857 Master Wang Hai Jun and Students in Chenjiagou This is where Master Wang trained as a teenager, under the guidance of Chen Zhenglei 186625858 Shaolin Temple, Henan 186625859 Great Wall of China Amazing day! 186625860 Chen Village - simple table & chair 186625861 Master Wang Hai Jun and students Medal winners from Jiaozuo Taiji competition 2013. 1 gold, 8 silver 4 bronze 186625862 Chen Zhenglei's house Master Wang tells us about training in the small courtyard at Chen Zhenglei's house in Chenjiagou 186625863