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Surrey and Hampshire's authentic Tai Chi and Health Qigong school. Classes for beginners and above near Aldershot Farnham Farnborough Camberley. Our teachers are students of Master Wang Haijun. You'll love what we do!

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BEGINNERS PACK of 3 consecutive classes


In order to reserve a place in a class of your choice, new joiners should pay for their first three consecutive week's classes in advance of attending by buying this ' Beginners Pack' of 3 consecutive classes at the named venue of their choice

First of all select the class you want to attend by clicking on the little triangle in the box above. If you receive an 'out of stock' message then i'm afraid that particular venue is already full, but we will notify you if a place becomes available if you submit an enquiry via the contact us button on the top left of your screen, mentioning the class you'd like to attend.

If you buy a 2020 Beginners Pack before 6 January 2020 , your three credits will be valid at your selected class above  on the dates stated in your selection.  

If you purchase a 2020 Beginners Pack ON or AFTER 6 January  your three credits will be valid at your selected class above  on the three class dates following the date of your purchase. 

EXAMPLE : You buy a 2020 Beginners Pack on Tuesday 13th January and select the Friday 12.30 class above: Your credits will be valid on Fridays 16, 23 and 30 Jan. (The first Friday after you purchased the Beginners Pack and the next two Fridays)

Buy now - don't risk missing out: The benefit of purchasing in advance is that you will be guaranteed a place in the class. You may feel that even if you can't attend the first week of term you may feel that it is worth paying for the class you miss so that you are guaranteed a place in the class for as long as you want it.


Payments are non-refundable. Credits cannot be rolled over if you miss / can't attend a class nor can they be held back to start on a different date. They CAN be given to another person to use if you wish, but please let us know who to expect at class. If we cancel a class (eg heavy snowfall) your credit will be rolled over to the next unpaid class.

Please make sure you've selected the correct class above and please type the name(s) and email address(es) of attendee(s) so we can send you confirmation and info- you can change the number of attendees to more than 1 on the next page

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