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Shieling House Farnborough Tai Chi - Qigong classes
aka: The Friday Big Chill

In 2023 our BIG CHILL class moves to

Mytchett GU16
and will take place on

TUESDAY evenings 6.30-7.30pm

We are no longer hold evening classes in Farnborough 

see list of classes page for our full timetable

I'd normally write a long flowery paragraph about how amazingly great 

your body, mind and soul 

will feel after this one-hour Qigong exercise and relaxation class, 

but I think this picture of my cat Billy sums it up perfectly

More Info

What's Qigong?

You say it 'Chee Gong'

 Qi means 'Energy' and Gong means 'Work'

or learning to work with your energy 

Qigong is a Chinese energy art with a 5000 year old history. It forms a foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine which influences the energy (Qi/ Chi/Ki/ Prana) of the body to prevent and cure diseases of the body and mind. 

This can be done with herbs, acupuncture, massage or specific exercises (called Qigong) 

It's particularly effective at combatting stress related diseases, which is accountable for over 80% of doctor visits each year. Shocking isn't it ;( 

Now look at it another way: 

By learning a skill that helps us deal with / switches off our stress response, we can avoid suffering from 80% of sicknesses

About this class

I've chosen slow calming Qigong sets for this class to detangle the mind and unknot the body. 

Somewhat like Yoga, but performed standing up throughout, we move in and out of stretches on the natural breath. 

Applying a gradual decrease and increase of effort we follow the rule of Yin Yang theory which says that everything is in a constant state of change or flow - this is why we don't hold the postures using force, but flow between them. 

We finish with about 10 minutes of guided meditation - you can stand, sit or lie down


The setting

The studio used for this class is gorgeous - it's a purpose built space decorated in a Zen style, : Simple but soothing. 

The paper floor lights give a soft luminescence, Buddha statues and bamboo plants transport you to another world....


This class is booking now for September:

 Please go to the CLASSES STARTING SOON page,

 read the T's and C's and click the appropriate link to

 book your September place


As well as face to face and Zoom classes we also have a video channel which supports learning for students attending our classes. 

This is a subscription-based service costing an additional £6 for any month you want video access, when you renew your class fee.  

Please see our Video Links page for access to the videos - password supplied after subscription is paid