Surrey and Hants Tai Chi and Qigong

Surrey and Hampshire's authentic Tai Chi and Health Qigong school

Classes for beginners and above near Aldershot Farnham Farnborough Camberley

You'll love being a part of the surrey and hants tai chi family! :)

Farnborough Tai Chi at St Mark's Church Hall,  GU14 6TU

 Beginners Tai Chi in Farnborough 


St Mark's Church Hall

Guildford Rd East

Farnborough (North Camp)

GU14 6PX

(If you want our Friday evening Central

Farnborough class click here)

Book in advance only, please don't turn up without a booking as you won't be admitted

Wednesdays 12.30-1.30pm

Beginners Tai Chi Qigong

Sorry this class is currently full 

waiting list in operation for January, but we can't guarantee that a place will become available at that time

contact us to go on the waiting list

or visit our home page to book a different class


Cost: £8 per class paid monthly / 6 weekly in advance

What happens in the class?

We start with some gentle joint loosening exercises to prepare the body.

Next we settle the mind with some breathing exercises and mindful

 relaxation, standing on the spot

For the main part of the class we will study Tai Chi / Qigong movements

Initially at the start of term we will delve into the Tai Chi 'principles', looking at

 posture and balance, how to hold the body and how to step and move,

  before learning a popular set  of Tai Chi / Qigong movements. 

We will progress through this set (form) week by week. Regular weekly

 attendance is needed or else you will fall behind and feel under pressure to catch up.

Therefore we ask that you consider the restrictions of your current timetable

 and only book the class if you can attend at the very least, 3 out of every 4

 classes - if you have a busy lifestyle then cramming something else in, even a

 Tai Chi class is not what you need right now.

This class continues month by month but we stop during the end of term school holidays (no fees due)

Covid / Colds etc

Doors are kept open for ventilation

 Please be considerate to the rest of the group and skip a class if you feel 

 unwell (coughs / sneezes / sore throats / colds etc). If you have to miss a class you have paid for because of illness,

  you can join us via Zoom on a Thursday evening or Friday morning for the

 same number of missed classes  at no additional cost


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