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Thanks for your enquiry regarding our  2020 Thursday Beginners Tai Chi Qigong class at Hale Institute Village Hall GU9 0HN

Please read all of the following information before submitting a question as it covers just about everything people ask us

This  class runs on Thursdays from 12 noon to 1pm starting on 9th January 2020, excluding closures (dates to be confirmed nearer the time) for Easter, Christmas, New Year and Summer breaks (usually August) and occasional closures due to snow / other holidays. You will never be required to pay for a class that doesn't happen.

The class is taught as a 'follow me' format with clear instructions. The teacher is Cherry Collins and occasionally Pat Bettridge. Both are qualified and insured instructors.

Suitable clothing is just your normal casual wear - trousers for ladies rather than skirts, and flat comfortable shoes. 

No equipment or mats are required

All exercises are performed standing up - no lying around on a cold floor

Both men and women attend the class

There is no upper or lower age limit for this class provided your present health allows you to stand and exercise gently for an hour 

Exercise is slow, mindful and should be performed within your own comfort range - you can make the movements as big or small as strong or as soft as suits your current ability, but expect your flexibility to change and increase the more you attend and increase the movement range accordingly:)

You will need to be able to attend regularly to learn Tai Chi. If you have lots of other commitments / clubs etc at this time on a Thursday then, regretfully, this class won't be suitable for you until your life is less busy.

We don't offer a 'free trial' class nor do we allow people to watch due to space limitations, but if you'd like to know what sort of movement to expect just Google 'Tai Chi Video'

If you have a pre-existing health condition please note that we cannot offer  you any advice on the suitability of the class for you, since we are not your doctor. We assume that you will have checked with your doctor regarding the type and level of exercise you can do and will adapt the movements to suit your present health. 

If you have ANY cold-like symptoms (temperature, sneezing, sore throat, coughing) we ask that you stay away from class until you are fully recovered. This benefits you too, as when you are symptom-free it means others won't be coughing or sneezing over you in class. 

If you are a smoker we ask that you don't smoke in the car on the way to class, nor outside before coming in and that you wear smoke-free clothes to make it an uplifting experience for everyone. We have had to add this clause as several participants have mentioned that standing next to someone who smells of stale cigarettes for an hour is not an uplifting experience.

Please avoid the use of perfume and aftershave before attending as others may be sensitive to these products.

- As you can tell from the above, we are all about creating the most learner-friendly environment in which to practice Tai Chi Qigong :)

Payment for classes:

To join this class you will need to register in advance and pay for your first three classes.  Once payment is received your place in the class will be saved and confirmed.  This costs just £20 in total, but this fee is non-refundable should you change your mind for whatever reason or be unable to attend. If you miss a class then the fee for that class is forfeit and is not transferable to any other class. 

After your first three weeks you can renew your place in the class a month at a time or if you decide it's not your cup of tea, then just let us know you're not returning and no further payment will be due. The ongoing cost per class is £7, payable in advance by the month. We don't have any contracts or ongoing standing order type payments.

If you'd like to attend, please complete the rest of this form - ALL fields must be completed apart from 'any other questions' or else you won't be able to submit the form, if you still have problems email us at 

If we've covered all your questions and you'd like to go straight to booking then click the link below instead of submitting this form or if you'd prefer to pay by bank transfer instead of paypal or credit card, just submit this form and tick the box at the bottom to ask us for our bank details. 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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