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As well as our YouTube Channel, where you can find short video recaps of what was covered in many of our classes,  I'll list a new  exercise each month below to develop the mind and body 

Something For the Mind

 Something for the Mind 

I firmly believe that the things we think about (with feeling), are those things which we get.

This is true whether it's something good (like a new car / promotion etc) or something bad - like being stuck in a bad place emotionally or physically.

This year I challenge you to take notice of your internal dialogue - particularly those same old stories you tell yourself over and over again. These powerful thoughts eventually  become your beliefs.  On the whole, we act according to our beliefs, so what we think directly affects what we do and what we do generally determines how happy & well / fulfilled we are.

It's a fact: Many people want to make a positive change in their lives. However, most peoplefail (did you spot that negative word?)  because they don't address the way they think about themselves.

First we have to become aware of our self-limiting beliefs (eg  i'm not good enough / well enough / clever enough /strong enough / young enough ) in order to challenge and change these thoughts. At that moment when we notice that we are using limiting vocabulary, we can substitute those destructive words for more empowering ones. Then, as a result of changing our minute to minute / hour to hour thoughts, we also change the longer standing self-limiting beliefs.  And it is changing the self limiting beliefs which equips us to succeed at the things we previously failed at, or gain a freedom by attempting the things we were previously too scared to try. 

 The main difference between those people who succeed at something and those who don't is simply how they talk to themselves, the use of positive vocabulary over negative vocabulary in their thoughts.  That's a biggie. Read it again: The main difference between those people who succeed and something and those who don't, is simply how they talk to themselves, their use of positive vocabulary over negative vocabulary

What you think will be apparent in your spoken words which you use when describing your situation to someone else. Listen to yourself complaining about something - at that very moment you're just reinforcing it deeper into your psyche and building a big wall protecting and fencing in the thing you'd really like to get rid of or change.  

If you go deeper, This spills over into the Quantum realm and theories such as the Law of Attraction, The Secret etc but HOWEVER you believe it works is irrelevant. It DOES work

1. We have self limiting beliefs made up of thoughts that have been reinforced over and over   2. Self Limiting Beliefs stop us from attaining our true potential, but can be CHANGED                 3. Change starts with NOTICING. Once we NOTICE a self limiting belief or thought we should:     4.SUBSTITUTE the negative word / phrase with a positive one. eg: Negative: I bet i get sick this Christmas, i always get sick when i have a few days off work, I pick up everything that goes around. Positive: I'm determined to stay well this Christmas, i'm going to make full use of and enjoy the time I have off work, my immune system is much stronger since I started Taiji / Qigong.  or: Negative: I'd love to socialise at my hubbys work's dinner but i know  i'll have to get up and dance and i've always had two left feet and i'll end up in an argument because i'm such an embarrassment to him. Positive: I've noticed i'm more coordinated since i started learning taiji, i'm pretty sure i could learn to dance a  few steps if i had a few lessons - i'll have a look online now and see if i can find a class for beginners like me, my hubby will be so surprised and happy. Some things will require an action on your part and others will just require to change the way you think, but give yourself a supporting reason to feel this way - draw parallels to make them more believable, although, actually, the subconscious doesn't know the difference between fact and fiction - it's been proven.                                                                          5. Keep noticing the negatives and replace them with positives, slowly your deep rooted beliefs will change                                                                                                                            6. When your beliefs change your actions change and you will succeed :)


We often think that people moan and complain because they are unhappy, but actually i think the opposite is true. Change your dialogue, change your life :)