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Our Fat  Busting / Cancer Busting Tea!



Many of our students have asked for information about the Fat Busting 'Anti-Cancer' Tea blend which we have started drinking in our classes.

Does it work? Honestly - I have no idea, but the science behind it sounds credible and if we are going to drink tea anyway, why not something that claims great health benefits :) Personally, my gut feeling tells me this is something that works. I'm not selling it, so this isn't a sales pitch...

I came across Dr Li's Ted Talk in March 2015 and thought it would be a great idea to offer this tea in my classes, instead of our normal green tea / chai / mint tea etc 


 What is it and how does it work?

Research has been carried out on how fat cells and cancer cells establish their own blood supply - a process called angiogenesis.   Dr Li says that studies in animals and humans have shown that a natural antioxidant compound found in some teas, and various foods,  inhibit this process so that fat and cancer cells cannot develop into a tumor and existing tumors have their food source cut off and weaken.  What's even more exciting is that when certain teas - namely Japanese Sencha Green Tea and Chinese Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea are mixed, the anti-angiogenetic compounds are much higher than you would find when drinking the teas separately - there are other food combinations which have a similar effect as explained in the Ted Talk. Watch it all! 

How to make / drink the tea: 

If you're just making it for yourself, put half a teaspoon of each tea into a small warmed teapot.

Pour on just a little water (half a cup) that is just off the boil, swish it around and immediately drain off. This stops the bitter taste that you can sometimes get with green tea. 

Then top up your teapot and leave for at least 10 minutes before drinking.

Use the same leaves again for until the tea becomes too weak, then replace with fresh leaves. Aim to drink 6 teacups a day spaced out at regular intervals.

As you drink the tea visualise the golden liquid zapping the blood supply to the cancer (if you have it) or just imagine it as a golden health-promoting elixir as you swallow each mouthful :) 


Here's a link to Dr Li's 'Ted Talk'

Here's the Anti Angio genesis website

Here's the Japanese Sencha Green Tea on Amazon -but you can buy elsewhere

Here's the Chinese Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea from a reputable UK based company 

You might also like to treat yourself to a nice teapot to make it all the more special :)