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You'll love being a part of the surrey and hants tai chi family! :)

Assistant instructor - Pat Bettridge

 Pic above: Pat is pictured with Master Wang Hai Jun during a seminar in Paris. 
About Pat
By Cherry 
Pat has been studying Tai Chi & Qigong in my classes since early 2013.  Less than a year after joining my classes, and seeing her potential, I introduced Pat to Master Wang HaiJun's London seminars. Pat has been studying Chen Taiji with Master Wang since then and she never misses any of his London classes.  In 2015 Pat also began attending Master Wang's seminars in Paris with me. Additionally, Pat attends nearly all of my 20 classes each week.
As a result of a Teachers Assessment Exam with Master Wang Hai Jun, Pat received her Teachers Qualification
Since the beginning of her Tai Chi journey, Pat has studied with passion and dilligence and has made amazing progress - she was recently praised publicly by Master Wang Hai Jun in his London class as 'someone who practices hard, using her mind as well as her body'.  This is high praise indeed, as Master Wang seldom singles anyone out by name. 
As well as holding  Taiji Teachers Qualification from the highly regarded Master Wang,  Pat is registered with the Tai Chi Union of GB as an assistant / locum teacher and has experience of covering classes for Surrey and Hants Tai Chi and another Chen Style Tai Chi club in Berkshire. As well as carrying her own public liability insurance, Pat is also covered on my own club insurance.
 Pic: Summer 2014: After classes at Mytchett Canal Centre  were over for the day, Pat still had the energy to paddle us down the canal - smilling as always :)
Pat has been a great source of support and help in my classes - She is usually the first to arrive and the last to leave - helping with setting up and clearing away and loading the things back into my van, making tea and whatever else needs to be done, Pat is always there with a cheery smile and her infectious upbeat attitude to life. I am truly blessed to have her as a good friend as well as an attentive student.
I see a lot of myself in Pat, which makes her the perfect person to continue teaching the classes when I am off studying. I know my business is in good hands and that Pat will teach genuine, sound content.
Unbelievably - although I saw it with my own eyes - Pat limped into my class in 2013 on a walking stick, with very little confidence in her ability and very poor balance, due to a pain /weakness in her leg.  But Pat seized the vision and potential of Tai Chi & Qigong to restore her wellbeing and the rest is history!  
There is a Chinese saying which goes "Jin nian er shi, ming nian shi ba" which literally translated means "This year twenty,  next year, 18", meaning one gets younger each year. I always think of Pat when I hear that saying :)
Before Tai Chi: 
Pat has always been a team player. Pat comes from an Athletics background and in her younger days (before her current second youth of course!) she represented GB in her field at a major sporting event beginning with 'O' (which i'm not allowed to tell you about here as Pat is a very modest lady!)
Pat is a qualified physical education teacher, making a career of this. After retiring from teaching PE, and being a dog lover, Pat also taught Dog Agility classes before her knee problem forced her to stop and she turned to Tai Chi instead.
 Pic Above: Pat is always willing to have a go - last summer some of the SHTC students and myself tried our hand at canoeing and paddleboarding and Pat, as usual excelled ;-P
Pic Below: Pat was also part of the SHTC medal-winning team at the 2014  London Competition for Traditional Taijiquan. 

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