Surrey and Hants Tai Chi and Qigong

Surrey and Hampshire's authentic Tai Chi and Health Qigong school

Classes for beginners and above near Aldershot Farnham Farnborough Camberley

You'll love being a part of the surrey and hants tai chi family! :)

Saturday workshops 

Saturday workshops are held roughly every 3rd - 4th Saturday.

10.30-11.30 Weapons workshops (all levels)

12.00-1.30 Chen Taijiquan (Intermediates only) 

- see bottom of this page


Tai Chi Stick exercises for all levels from beginner

Choose to learn in any / all of three ways:

1)  In person on a Saturday at Mytchett £10 per class

(you'll receive the video if you pay but can't attend)

2) via a live Saturday Zoom class £6 per Zoom class

3) via the Anytime Zoom recording 

(FREE if you book the Zoom class or £6 if you don't)

Click links below to book the date / class of your choice

(classes in grey are not yet open for booking)

Booking now:

Class 3: Face to Face at Mytchett Sat 1st April 10.30-11.30 £10 

Class 3: Online via ZOOM / Zoom recording: Sat 15th April 10.30-11.30 £6: 

Booking will open shortly for the Saturdays listed below:

Class 4: Mytchett 29th April 10.30-11.30

Class 4 via Zoom / Zoom recording 13th May 10.30-11.30

Class 5: Mytchett 20th May 10.30-11.30

Class 5 via Zoom / Zoom recording 3rd June 10.30-11.30

Class 6: Mytchett 10th June 10.30-11.30

Class 6: via Zoom / Zoom recording 1st July

Mytchett 8th July 10.30-11.30 TBC

Zoom 22 July TBC

The video below shows movements similar to the form taught in the Saturday workshop but please note that the form we teach is 'Wudang Tai Chi Stick' and so not identical to this one

Chen Taijiquan

We also hold our Intermediates Chen Taiji class after the weapons classes 

focusing on silk reeling exercises / pushing hands / Laojia Yi Lu corrections


Forthcoming dates at Mytchett:

1st April

29th April

20th May

10th June

8th July (TBC)

we will then take a break over summer

Contact us if you are experienced in Laojia Yi Lu and would like to join us