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How to view the teaching videos

Each of the movement names is a 

video link., just click it and enter the password* to view

It's best to stick with one category at a time, starting by clicking the

  bottom video in that section and working your way to the top. The

 sets are listed more or less in order of difficulty with the easiest 

sets and sequences nearer the top of this page

*The password is sent by email

 after you purchase a subscription

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 General Qigong

Follow-me sequences and sets

For the teaching breakdowns for some of these sets see relevant teaching sections below.  Beginners should review the teaching videos first for safe practice and approach their practice slowly, without forcing or straining 

Yang Sheng Gong -13,14,15  

Yang Sheng Gong -10,11,12 

Yang Sheng Gong - 7,8,9 

Yang Sheng Gong - 4,5,6 

Yang Sheng Gong 1,2,3 

Shi Ba Shi Second set - whole form follow me - NEW 19/10

Shi Ba Shi, SECOND Set: 18 Movement Taiji-Qigong- first half only 

Shi Ba Shi, First Set: 18 Movement Taiji-Qigong 

Traditional Yi Jin Jing - Muscle Tendon Metamorphosis

Ba Duan Jin - 8 Sections of Brocade / 8 Pieces of Gold / 8 Precious Treasures

Wudang 13 Yang Sheng Gong- Wudang Life Force-Nourishing exercises 

Qigong mixed-sequence from 2017 classes

Brushing the Shoes, Separating Heaven & Earth, Phoenix Heralds the Dawn 

 General Qigong Tutorials

mini-sets and your favourite movements from longer sets

NEW Joint loosening everyday routine- easy to follow 

Seated 5 Animals -  one exercise for each animal

Five movement Qigong sequence using movements from ShiBaShi2 

MaWangDui Opening Movement - great for soothing the mind

Returning to Mountain- Energy boosting set part 2 

Embracing Tiger - Energy boosting set part 1 

What is Qi, Qigong & Tai Chi (a talk) 

Chair Based Meditative Stretches for all

Joint Loosening Exercises / warm up - everyday practice

Ben's Qigong- we often finish our classes with this lovely soothing set

Lung Qi Fortifying Exercises

 Tracing the 12 Meridians (Energy flows)

This can be performed alone as a meditative seated set, or you can 

use the knowledge gained of the meridians to overlay the pathway on

 some of the Qigong movements you have already learnt.

Each meridian has a path, a function and an affirmation, in this set

Follow me and trace the full 12 - to follow 

11 & 12 Gall Bladder and Liver - to follow 

9 & 10 Pericardium and Triple Burner - to follow

7 & 8 Bladder and Kidney NEW 8/10

Follow me and trace the first 6 Meridians  

5 & 6 Heart & Small Intestine Meridians 

3 & 4 Stomach & Spleen Meridians 

1 & 2 Lung & Large Intestine Meridians 

Introduction - please watch this one first 

Shi Ba Shi Taiji-Qigong 

1st Set

This is an easy set to follow along to so the movements haven't been broken

 down. Take it easy and slow, within your personal limitations

Follow Me ShiBaShi Taiji-Qigong 1st Set 

 Shaolin Da Li Jin Gang Zhang

Shaolin Powerful Guardian Warrior Palm 

complete set

Please watch the INTRO video and learn the Closing and Preparing movements before attempting to learn the numbered movements of this set 

Follow Along  practice (# 6&7 omitted) NEW 28/9

Throwing Palm (#7) Demonstration only

Twisting Palm (#6) 

Grinding Stone Palm (#5)

Repelling Earth Palm (#3) & Lifting Sky Iron Palm (#4)

Opening Sequence, Pushing Water (#1) & Separating Bamboo (#2) 

Closing Movement - learn me first and ALWAYS close the set down to finish

Info about this set - please watch me first

Shaolin Luohan 13 Palms

You can also learn this set on Monday and / or Thursday evenings via Zoom


Autumn 2020

 more coming each week

6 Luohan Raises the Flagpole NEW 19/10

5 Luohan Catches the Falling Leaves NEW 18/10

4 Luohan Pushes the Mountain NEW 18/10

3 Luohan Lays Head on Pillow 

2. Luohan Drapes on a Coat  

1. Opening form and Luohan Chops Wood 

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