Surrey and Hants Tai Chi and Qigong

Surrey and Hampshire's authentic Tai Chi and Health Qigong school. Classes for beginners and above near Aldershot Farnham Farnborough Camberley. Our teachers are students of Master Wang Haijun. You'll love what we do!

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What's new so far this week?

21/5 Yang Sheng Gong 4,5,6 follow me 

21/5 Chen Taiji - Group Form Competition:

2 videos - SHTC Students Group & Cherry's Group

21/5 Yi Jin Jing- Pulling 9 Cows by the Tails - at the seaside!

21/5 Ba Duan Jin 6 Holding Feet to Strengthen Kidneys - at the seaside!

Everything Else - Archery! Come into the woods with me!

Shi Ba Shi 3rd set #8 Crouching Tiger 

see the top of each category list for the NEWEST videos 





For the teaching breakdowns for some of these sets see relevant teaching sections below.  Beginners should review the teaching videos first for safe practice and approach practice slowly, without forcing or straining

Yang Sheng Gong - 4,5,6 Follow me NEW 21/5

Shi Ba Shi, SECOND Set: 18 Movement Taiji-Qigong- first half  

Yang Sheng Gong 1,2,3 Follow me 

Shi Ba Shi, First Set: 18 Movement Taiji-Qigong  

 Traditional Yi Jin Jing - Muscle Tendon Metamorphosis

 Ba Duan Jin - 8 Sections of Brocade / 8 Pieces of Gold / 8 Precious Treasures

  Wudang 13 Yang Sheng Gong- Wudang Life Force-Nourishing exercises 

  Qigong mixed-sequence from 2017 classes

 Brushing the Shoes, Separating Heaven & Earth, Phoenix Heralds the Dawn  




Seated 5 Animals -  one exercise for each animal NEW 30/4

Five movement Qigong sequence using movements from ShiBaShi2 

MaWangDui Opening Movement - great for soothing the mind  

Returning to Mountain- Energy boosting set part 2  

Embracing Tiger - Energy boosting set part 1 

What is Qi, Qigong & Tai Chi (a talk) 

Chair Based Meditative Stretches for all 

Joint Loosening Exercises / warm up - everyday practice 

Ben's Qigong- we often finish our classes with this lovely soothing set  

Lung Qi Fortifying Exercises

Brushing the Shoes

Separating Heaven and Earth

Phoenix Heralds the Dawn 



4 Dragon Flying - Long Deng (Spleen Meridian) NEW 16/5 

3. Wild Duck Swimming - Fu Yu (Stomach Meridian) 

2. Stretching the Back - Yin Bei (Large Intestine meridian)

1. Drawing a Bow - Wan Gong (Lung meridian) 

 Opening Movement - Qi Shi 




Yi Jin Jing Breakdown #12 Pulling 9 Cows by the Tails NEW 21/5 

Yi Jin Jing Breakdown #11 Wagging The Tail part 2  

Yi Jin Jing Breakdown #11 Wagging The Tail part 1  

Yi Jin Jing Breakdown #10 Ghosts Drawing Swords 

Yi Jin Jing Breakdown #9 Pushing the  Mountain 

Yi Jin Jing Breakdown #8 Dragon Rolling in the Clouds 

Yi Jin Jing Breakdown #6b/ 7 Picking up Sacks of Grain 

Yi Jin Jing Breakdown #6 Lifting 1000lbs 

Yi Jin Jing Breakdown #5 Flying Like a Crane 

Yi Jin Jing Breakdown #5b Flying Like a Crane (additional info)

Yi Jin Jing Breakdown #4 Beauty Combing Hair 

Yi Jin Jing Breakdown #3 Pluck a Star Exchange a Star Cluster 

Yi Jin Jing Breakdown #2 Wei Tuo Presents the Pestle 2 & 3 

Yi Jin Jing Breakdown #1 Wei Tuo Presents the Pestle 1

Yi Jin Jing  full set Beginners should follow the teaching videos for details



Most of my students are familiar with movements from Shibashi sets 1 & 2 but i have only taught a couple of classes movements from set three. However, these tutorial videos are easy to follow and the set can be learnt from them, provided you practice enough without racing on too quickly to the next.  I  will post a new movement once or twice a week. Additionally,  I will make an explanatory theory video where needed to accompany the more in-depth movements.

8 Crouching Tiger Lifts It's Head NEW 20/5 

7 Blooming Lotus Bows to the earth  

6 Dragon Sits On Tail - Explained by Cherry  

6 Dragon Sits On Tail  

5 Dragons Morning Stretch - Explained by Cherry 

5 Dragons Morning Stretch  

4 Clouds Circle Mountain - Explained by Cherry  

4  Clouds Circle Mountain 

1, 2 & 3 Explained by Cherry 

3  Opening The Secret Gate  

2  Golden Pearl Drops to Sea Bottom 

1  Connecting Heaven & Earth 




6: Holding the Feet to Strengthen the Kidneys NEW 21/5 

5: Swinging the Head and Lowering the Body to relieve Stress  

4: Looking back to prevent sickness and strain & to tonify Liver Qi 

3: Holding one hand aloft to regulate functions of Stomach & Spleen 

2: Posing as an archer shooting left & right handed to fortify Lung Qi 

1: Holding the hands aloft to benefit the san jiao / triple burner (internal organs 

Ba Duan Jin FULL SET.....with official voice-over music   



Mudras (power hand seals / positions) for Meditation NEW 7/5

Inner Smile (Sunset Visualisation) Meditation - 15 mins 

Seated Exercises 2 - Five Animal Health Qigong (partial) 

Seated Exercises 1 (also appears as Chair Based Exercise in Qigong section) 

Morning meditation in the garden  

Listening to Sounds meditation 

What causes suffering / discontent and can we stop it? 

Metta - Loving Kindness meditation  

A 15 Minute Meditation- energy centres 

Eckhart Tolle - a meditation for times of crisis 

Starting a meditation practice & a 10 minute meditation 



BEIJING 24 Tai Chi - Beginners and Improvers

Click here for the names of each movement in English and Chinese THEN click the arrow at the end of each name to hear the Chinese pronunciation 

Master Faye Beijing 24 Demonstrations: 

Master Faye Li Yip performing  the whole Beijing 24 Form  

Master Tary Yip (Faye's husband) performing back view B24 Form  

Master Faye Yip teaching #19  Needle to Sea Bottom

Master Faye Yip teaching #18 Fair Lady Working at Shuttles 


Cherry's Beijing 24 Teaching Videos: 

Beijing 24 Breakdown #10 High Pat on the Horse   NEW 16/5

Beijing 24 Breakdown #8 Cloud Hands & #9, 2nd Single Whip 

Beijing 24 Breakdown #7 Single Whip 

Beijing 24 Breakdown #6 Grasp The Sparrows Tail 

Beijing 24 Breakdown #5 Step Back Repulse Monkey   

Beijing 24 Breakdown #4 Playing the Lute 

Beijing 24 Breakdown #2 White Crane Spreads Wings & #3 Brush Knee Press Forwards  

Beijing 24 Breakdown #1 Opening & Part Wild Horses Mane  

Joint Loosening Exercises / warm up - everyday practice 

24 Form Practice 18/3/20-The last  time we practiced together! 

B24 Form practice from 18 months ago - see the improvement since then! 


CHEN Taijiquan - For experienced learners 

Chen Videos featuring Master Wang / other teachers

Chen Juan - Chen TJQ Ba Fa chan si jin (8 methods silk reeling)  NEW 12/5

Cloud Hands 

Master Wang Haijun Seminar Farnborough (Nov 2015) 

Xie Xing - Diagonal Posture 

High Pat on Horse - Gao Tan Ma 

Flash Through Back (Master Wang leads group) 

Shan Tong Bei - Flash Through Back   

Green Dragon out of the water

Form demonstration at SHTC (Feb 2018)  


Chen Taiji Videos by Cherry

London Tai Chi Competition - Silver Medal Group Form - SHTC Students NEW

London Tai Chi Competition - Gold Medal Group Form - Cherry & Chums NEW

Cloud Hands - supplemental info- watch first before the one below 

Cloud Hands corrections from my WHJ notes (but these principles apply in so many other places!) - 25 mins 

Silk Reeling- Peng Lu Ji An- follow me 

First 5 movements of Laojia Follow me slowly 

A peek inside my notebooks #1: Body requirements and standing meditation 

Joint Loosening Exercises / warm up - everyday practice 

More Energetic Basics 

A Brief History of Chen Taiji and a peek at my practice space (2013)

Chen Broadsword Form - A slow walk and talk through  

New videos coming soon - let me know what you enjoy most / want more of! 



Archery! Come down to the woods with me! NEW 20/5 

The Power of the Mind - looking at some of my books on the topic 

Face Qigong / Yoga!  

Lockdown Training - Me and a good friend messing around! 

Another look around my garden 23 April - 4 weeks on 

A peek at my Tai Chi & Qigong book collection 

Me, relaxing  (Warning! cute cat / soppy smile content) 

A really good stretch 

A lesson from an almost-dead fish! 

Bedroom Deep Breathing! (Lung strengthening exercise) 

Stretches for legs and core strengthening postures 

Chinese Park Life  

A quick look around my very small garden  

Don't try this at home #1 ( contains brief vulgar language)! 

Don't try this at home #2  (Yay me!) 



Links to the music we use in class

Hanshan Temple  (Beijing 24) 

Wudang 33 (Beijing 24)  

Om Mane Padme Hum ( Tai Chi Qigong Sanctuary) 

Longtime Sun (Qigong End Music)  

Aad Guray (Qigong/ Meditation) 

Laojia Yi Lu with spoken form names in Chinese - (Chen Taijiquan) 



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3-23 Joint Loosening Exercises / warm up - everyday practice
3-23 Joint Loosening Exercises / warm up - everyday practice