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Who can learn from the videos?

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 there's lots for all to learn:

New beginners tutorials for you to learn in your own

 time at home even if you're not attending any of

 our face to face classes

Recaps of the movements that were

taught each week for between-class practice for

 our existing students

Meditations and mindfulness and over 20 different

 sets of Qigong exercises as follow me's for everyone

Just check with your doctor / health professional if

 you have a pre-existing health condition 

that it's safe to learn TaiChi & Qigong

How to view the teaching videos

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1. Click here for an Existing Student Video Subscription 

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Most of the exercises you'll learn in class are part of a 'Set'  

Each set appears under a centred heading and in a single colour for ease of navigation. 

Always learn the individual movements within each set before attempting the whole set follow me'

Beginners can start with any set, but should not attempt Chen Style

 Taijiquan section without previous knowledge of Chen Taiji


BONUS VIDEO: Fox cubs in my

 garden - spring 2023

 ZOOM Recordings

May 18/19 Zoom recording - 55 mins

click here to view

May 11/12 Zoom recording - 55 mins

click here to view

May 4/5 Zoom recording - 1 hour

click here to view

April 27/28 Zoom recording - 50 mins

click here to view

April 20/21 Zoom recording

CLICK HERE to view this 55 min recording covering:

Wudang 13: 1,4,8. Daoyin YSG 1,2,3. Shi Ba Shi 3: 1 & 2

March 30/31 Zoom  recording 

CLICK HERE to view this 50 min recording covering:

Wudang 13 Yang Sheng Gong follow me and 

Mix Set 'Moon Qigong' - movements from various sets with 'moon' in the title 

March 30th (Thurs) Zoom class 

CLICK HERE  to view this 50 min recording covering:

Yi Jin Jing qigong full set follow me

Mix Set: brush shoes, separating heaven & earth, phoenix heralds dawn, Wei Tuo presents pestle, Present lotus at temple, Swirling water, Opening the door

February 23rd (Thurs) Zoom class 

CLICK HERE to view this 1 hour class recording covering:

ShiBaShi warm up and loosening

Wudang 13 Yang Sheng Gong # 10

(This weeks daytime classes new movement)

Yi Jin Jing to #10 Tiger Springing

for this week's evening class students

February 17th (Fri) Zoom class  

CLICK HERE to view this 55 min class recording covering:

Warm Up

Movement 9 of Yi Jin Jing - Dragon Claws 

(evening class new movement)

Movements 1-9 of Wudang 13 Yang Sheng Gong

(also being taught in our daytime classes)

December 7th Zoom class

CLICK HERE to view this 50 min class recording covering:

Warm Up

Last 3 of Yang Sheng Gong in detail

A half-hour mix-set follow me using movements from 

MaWangDui, Shi Ba Shand Yi Jin Jing

December 1st Zoom class

CLICK HERE to view this 50 minute class recording covering:

Nine Temple Qigong Exercises follow me

Vision Improvement Qigong follow me

November 24th Zoom class

CLICK HERE to view this 45 min Zoom class recording covering:

5 min warm up

Shi-ba Shi 3rd set (second half) 

Yang Sheng Gong (first half)

November 18th Big Chill Zoom class

CLICK HERE to view this 50 min Zoom class recording covering:

Warm Up

Shi-ba Shi 2nd set  (all)

Shi-ba Shi 3rd set 1-4

Relaxing Meditation

October 6th 2022 Zoom class  

Click HERE to view this 1 hour Zoom class recording covering:

Warm Up

Stress Ball Brocade - full set

Vision Improvement - full set

September 9th 2022 Zoom class  

Click HERE to view this 1 hour Zoom recording covering:

Warm Up with new stretches

Vision Improvement 1,2 & 3

Stress Balls Brocade, 1,2 & 3

August Zoom class - 3 sets of Chinese Health Qigong 

Click HERE to view this 1 hour Zoom class recording covering:

Warm Up, 

Ma Wang Dui, (medical qigong)  

Ba Duan Jin (8 pieces of gold),  

and Yi Jin Jing (Muscle Tendon Metamorphosis)  


Tai Chi Complete Beginners 

The B24 section is particularly useful for anyone who is starting to learn Beijing 24 Tai Chi 

We are currently covering the following exercises in the Monday 8.35pm Beginner class at Mythett

 Getting Started with

Foundations and Technique 

Traditional Warm Up exercises 

Posture & basic TaiChi stepping,  plus meet my cat ;-P

Empty Step and simple White Crane exercise

Changing Direction, using the 'rock-step'

Adding Rolling the Ball arms to the rock step 

  Learning the first section of the Beijing 24 Tai Chi form:

In these 6 videos, the important aspects for beginners have 

been emphasised. 

 1. Opening Movement

2. Parting the Wild Horses Mane 

 3. White Crane Spreads Wings 

4. Brush Knee Press Forwards

5 Playing the Lute

6 Step Back Repulse Monkey

for remaining movements, see next section 

as the movements are the same

Stress Ball (Kang Yang) Brocades

Being taught in Autumn 2022 Improvers classes and Friday 7.30pm class

Movements 1, 2 & 3  

Movement 4  

Movement 5 (starts with follow me 1-4)  

Movements 6, 7, 8 

Full set follow me 

Taiji Stick Exercises

Starting from scratch in Saturday workshops 2023


When you practice indoors be aware of the additional reach you have with your

 stick and be careful  not to damage anything in your room. Be especially careful of

light fittings or other appliances as there could be a risk of electrical shock - only

 use a wooden stick indoors,  not a metal one for this reason

1 to 5  Open, Plunge, Stab, Circle Backward & Forward, Rowing the Boat 

6 & 7   Punting the raft,  Rings around the sun 

8           Old monk strikes bell

9          Lotus waves in the breeze  

10         Clouds circle the mountain  

11          The old sage looks back  

12.         TaiChi Stick closing form  

NEW    Full set follow me front mirror view and back view

ShiBaShi 1st Set  - going deeper

Learn each movement first. Once the movement is familiar add the internal aspect of guiding the energy via intent and visualisation 

Movements 1 & 2                   

Movements 3 & 4               

Movements 5 & 6  

Movements 7 & 8 

Movements 9 & 10 

Movements 11, 12 & 13 

Movement 14 

Movement 15 

Movement 16 

Movements 17 & 18 

Follow me whole set with music

Chinese Eye Health Exercises

By exercising the eye focus / gaze we can improve eyesight and also influence

 the health of the whole body

The mind is used to lead the energy in this internal set of exercises which is

 based upon the 5 Element theory of Chinese Medicine

Each movement includes exercise for the body and for the eyes

1. Wood Exercise to smooth the Liver & Gall Bladder Qi Flows

2. Fire Exercise to activate the Heart & Small Intestine Qi Flows

3. Earth Exercise to support the Stomach & Spleen Qi Flows

4. Metal Exercise to adjust the Lung & Large Intestine Qi Flows


5. Water Exercise to lubricate the Kidney & Bladder Qi Flows

6. Daoist Acupoint massage to harmonise the 5 Flows

Full set follow along - British Health Qigong Association 

Taoist Yoga

A short floor based routine in 3 parts

Always practice all three parts to form one routine

 supplement your Taoist Yoga practice with the Taoist Qigong Meditations in the meditation section

Introduction and background info (a short 3 minute watch)  

Part 1 - Preparing and Ingesting the Elixir of Immortality 

Part 2 - Massage to warm the body and activate Qi

Part 3 - stretches 1

Part 3b- stretches 2 


Follow-me Qigong sequences and sets

Various Qigong sequences and sets in a FOLLOW ALONG format
For the teaching breakdowns for these sets see relevant sections below.  Beginners should review the teaching videos first for safe practice and approach their practice slowly, without forcing or straining

For warm ups / loosening see top of next section (Individual Qigong Tutorials)

Mon Fri Zoom class recording Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong & ShiBaShi 1 

One hour Zoom class recording - Shaolin exercises: seated / standing

Joint loosening with music -12 mins - from a recent Zoom class


Spinal Stretches in the snow - follow me sequence with music

Dragon Qigong exercises - follow me sequence with music

Tiger Qigong exercises - follow me sequence with music

Bird Qigong exercises - follow me with music


Yang Sheng Gong full set with music

Yang Sheng Gong -13,14,15  

Yang Sheng Gong -10,11,12 

Yang Sheng Gong - 7,8,9 

Yang Sheng Gong - 4,5,6 

Yang Sheng Gong 1,2,3 

Shi Ba Shi Second set - 18 Movement Taiji Qigong -whole form 

Shi Ba Shi, SECOND Set: 18 Movement Taiji-Qigong- first half only 

Shi Ba Shi, First Set: 18 Movement Taiji-Qigong 

Traditional Yi Jin Jing - Muscle Tendon Metamorphosis

Ba Duan Jin - 8 Sections of Brocade / 8 Pieces of Gold / 8 Precious Treasures

Wudang 13 Yang Sheng Gong- Wudang Life Force-Nourishing exercises 

Qigong mixed-sequence from 2017 classes

Brushing the Shoes, Separating Heaven & Earth, Phoenix Heralds the Dawn 

Individual Qigong TUTORIALS 

This list of videos is not a 'set'. Each link is a 

 single, stand alone video

Warm ups / loosening videos

Loosening #5 (Feb 2020) zoom class warm up with music

Loosening #4 (Aug 2021 in garden) - Health Qigong warm up

Joint loosening #3 (December 2020) - some new exercises

Joint loosening #2 everyday routine- easy to follow 

Joint Loosening #1 - original 'shed' warm up - used in many of our classes 

Short Qigong Sequences

Five movement Qigong sequence using movements from ShiBaShi2 

MaWangDui Opening Movement - great for soothing the mind

Returning to Mountain- Energy boosting set part 2 

Embracing Tiger - Energy boosting set part 1 

What is Qi, Qigong & Tai Chi (a talk) 

Ben's Qigong- we often finish our classes with this lovely soothing set

Lung Qi Fortifying Exercises

Tracing the 12 Meridians / The Meridian Clock 


Tracing the 12 with affirmations to balance body / energy / spirit

Tracing the  12 Pathways (no affirmations)

11 & 12 Gall Bladder and Liver 

9 & 10 Pericardium and Triple Burner

7 & 8 Bladder and Kidney

Follow me and trace the first 6 Meridians

5 & 6 Heart & Small Intestine Meridians

3 & 4 Stomach & Spleen Meridians 

1 & 2 Lung & Large Intestine Meridians

Introduction - please watch this one first 

Shi Ba Shi Taiji-Qigong 

1st Set

This is an easy set to follow along to, i'm in the process of making in depth tutorials for all movements, see very top of this page. . Take it easy and slow, within your personal limitations

Follow Me ShiBaShi Taiji-Qigong 1st Set 

Presenting the Lotus at the Temple - Shaolin Qigong

A short  (single video) sequence for the purpose of connecting and cultivating  one's Jing (Essence) Qi (Energy) and Shen (Spirit) 

Tutorial and follow me (mixed with start of Yi Jin Jing) 

BEIJING 24 Tai Chi Chuan

Improvers and Intermediates

The following videos below teach the whole 24 form, in order

Start from the bottom of the list 

Beijing 24 - Whole Form with Cherry plus voice prompts and music 

Beijing 24  23 & 24  close-up,  cross hands & form closing movement 

Beijing 24  22  Turn press parry punch 

Beijing 24 - 21 Flash Through Back 

Beijing 24   20 Needle to Sea Bottom

Beijing 24   19 Fair Lady Working at Shuttles 

Beijing 24  17 & 18 Snake Creeps Down - 10 things to check and practice 

Beijing 24  15 & 16  Snake Creeps Down & Golden Rooster Stands on one Leg

Beijing 24   14 Turn, kick with left heel & prepare

Beijing 24  12 & 13  Box Ears and Right Heel Kick 

Beijing 24   11 High Pat on the Horse 

Beijing 24   9 & 10 Cloud Hands &  2nd Single Whip

Beijing 24   8  Single Whip 

Beijing 24   7 Grasp The Sparrows Tail L & R 

Beijing 24   6  Step Back Repulse Monkey 

Beijing 24   5  Playing the Lute

Beijing 24  4  Brush Knee Press Forwards 

Beijing 24   3  White Crane spreads wings 

Beijing 24   1 & 2: Opening & Part Wild Horses Mane

Beijing 24 - Full form practice / demos and other B24 stuff

Click here for the names of each movement in English and Chinese  THEN click the arrow at the end of each name to hear the Chinese pronunciation

Beijing 24   Whole Form - Back View - Master Tary Yip

Beijing 24   Whole Form - Front view - Master Faye Yip 

Beijing 24 - Cherry & teacher in China 2011 - notice his different style 

B24 Form Practice at Mytchett 18/3/20

B24 Form practice 2018 - notice the improvement since then ;)

Three Common Taiji mistakes in Beijing 24 

Joint loosening / stretches #3 

Joint loosening / warm up exercises #2

Joint Loosening / warm up exercises #1



Yang Taiji 18 Fan Form - Mytchett September 2022 

Tai Chi Single Fan Form (Yang Style)  Aldershot 2016 

For more Taiji weapons demos see Chen Taiji section just below


For experienced learners only

Do not attempt movements from this section unless you have taken 

corresponding Chen Style Taijiquan lessons

Chen Taiji Weapons

The Thirteen Techniques Of Chen Straight Sword 

These videos will help students to identify which technique is which, along with the Chinese name. They should give students a broad idea of the requirements of each technique. A more in depth look at each technique can then be provided in class, building on these basics:

Part 1: Stab (Ci), Scoop (Liao), Hang (Gua), Supporting block (Jia) 

Part 2: Lift (Tuo), Point (Dian), Neutralise (Hua), Slice (Mo) 

Part 3: Jie (Intercept), Pi (Cut), Sao (Sweep), Tui (Push), Zha (Plunge) 


Chen Taiji Straight Sword (Jian) demo 

Chen Broadsword / Sabre (Dao) Form - A slow walk and talk through


Chen Double Fan Form Demo 


Chen Taiji Hand Form Videos

(See section above for Tai Chi Principles) 

WangHaijun 13 Form video on You Tube 

Cherry Chen 13 form to 6 sealings NEW MAY 2023

Laojia Yi Lu music with spoken form names in Chinese 

Chen Juan - Chen TJQ Ba Fa chan si jin (8 methods silk reeling)


Cloud Hands

Farnborough Seminar (Nov 2015) 

Xie Xing - Diagonal Posture

High Pat on Horse - Gao Tan Ma 

Flash Through Back 

Shan Tong Bei - Flash Through Back 

Green Dragon out of the water

Form demonstration (Feb 2018) 

NEW Joint loosening / warm up routine, for a change

London Tai Chi Competition - Silver Medal Group Form - SHTC Students

London Tai Chi Competition - Gold Medal Group Form - Cherry & Chums

Cloud Hands - supplemental info- watch first before the one below

Cloud Hands corrections from my WHJ notes (but these principles apply in so many other places!) - 25 mins

Silk Reeling- Peng Lu Ji An- follow me 

First 5 movements of Laojia Follow me slowly 

A peek inside my notebooks #1: Body requirements and standing meditation

Joint Loosening Exercises / warm up - everyday practice

More Energetic Basics

A Brief History of Chen Taiji and a peek at my practice space (2013)

 RETREAT 5/11-1/12 

These fun videos were made by Cherry one a day during the second Lockdown of 2020, to help keep students entertained, occupied and to perhaps try something that you wouldn't otherwise try, because variety and using the brain in different ways is good to keep it agile and young and laughing is so good for us! 

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