Surrey and Hants Tai Chi and Qigong

Surrey and Hampshire's authentic Tai Chi and Health Qigong school

Classes for beginners and above near Aldershot Farnham Farnborough Camberley

You'll love being a part of the surrey and hants tai chi family! :)

Learn Tai Chi & Qigong with us ONLINE

Zoom Classes

New Beginners are invited to enrol now for September

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(Thursdays 7.30pm or Fridays 10am)


Thursdays 7.30-8.30pm

Health Qigong for All 

Learning a new set in September

New joiners - sign up now


Fridays 10.15-11.15

(moves to 10am in September)

Health Qigong for All

Starting a new set in September

New joiners -sign up now


You'll need a device that can run the Zoom App - please download it and run a 'test meeting' to see if it is suitable for your device

When you join a Zoom class,  your device's camera and microphone may be on - whilst this is very useful to say hello to one another and to check that everything is working fine, it also means that everyone in the class can see and hear everything and everyone in your room

If you don't want to be seen or heard, just turn your camera and /or microphone off after you've said hello - you'll still be able to see and hear Cherry and anyone else who has let their camera on, but you'll be hidden from everyone in the class yourself

Please aim to join the class  5 minutes before the start time. 

We begin with a short warm up 

Next, the Tai Chi /Qigong movements are taught /broken down one by one and then everyone practices together by following along with Cherry

Cherry will offer corrections via your webcam, if you choose to have it on

Each week we build upon what we learnt the week before, progressively learning the full set of exercises

The MONTHLY fee is £25 to attend either the Thursday evening  or Friday morning classes = 4 classes per month

To attend both Thursday and Friday Zoom classes = 8 classes per month, the fee is £35

Click Here for ZOOM class joining links

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